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Interesting by omission

Something is happening here, but you don’t know what it is. That’s a line from an early Bob Dylan song about a person who was baffled by events taking place around him.
Although that lyric was about the inability of un-hip outsiders to understand the rapidly evolving cultural scene of the 1960s, it also applies to the non-sequiturial statement issued this week by the Ocean Pines Association Board of Directors.
“The Ocean Pines Association Board of Directors, along with the Association’s attorney, met in closed session on Friday, May 26, to discuss the recent resignation of Chief Financial Officer, Mary Bosack. The board has taken steps to ensure a smooth transition towards the hiring of a permanent General Manager for the Association.”
Unless three or four paragraphs are missing between the first and second sentence, one has nothing to do with the other, leaving residents to wonder what is happening.
Obviously, the implication is that relatively new hire Bosack resigned because of General Manager Brett Hill — but the board doesn’t want to go into it.
Because the general policy of all public bodies is to not discuss personnel matters publicly, the board can’t be blamed for not providing details that would show how these two situations are connected.
That absence of connective verbal tissue, however, makes the omission even more intriguing and invites the public to speculate, a circumstance that never produces good results.
Whatever the unspoken problem is, the board needs to deal with it quickly and decisively before even bigger trouble ensues.