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Home maintenance a virtue

The Ocean Pines board of directors was absolutely correct to authorize attorney Joe Moore to continue action against owners whose properties have simply not been maintained for years.
There are nine such properties. One has a box trailer sitting on it. Its owner already has an injunction calling for the owner to remove the box. Yet the box remains.
Four other properties need maintenance that General Manager Bob Thompson ordered done by OPA staffers. The property owners would appropriately be billed for the time and work done by the OPA staff members.
One of the properties reportedly has junk in the yard that needs to be cleaned up.
“I’m pretty sure you could walk away with the house and nobody would be mad,” said Director Marty Clarke. “It’s been vacant for three years.”
Still another home has junk vehicles parked in the driveway that have been there for untold years. And as attorney Moore said when asked to define junk, “You know it when you see it.”
Certainly that is true. It is an eyesore, and it is also unfair to community members and neighbors who go through great effort to maintain their properties up to the high standards of Ocean Pines. The community is a successful one partly because of its well-maintained homes and area properties.
There is also a lot with a burned down home, which was purchased by a lending institution, because it was in foreclosure.
To those who let their homes fall apart, we only ask that you comply with the standards set by OPA. Certainly there are reasons why a homeowner can’t comply with area standards. We only ask that you inform OPA of a special circumstance. We’re sure they’d be there to help you keep your house and lot in line with the appearances of the community.