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Greyhound puts focus on local art

Susan Ayers Wimbrow shows off the stocked bookshelves of her newly opened store, The Greyhound, on Berlin’s Main Street. She said the shop would champion local artists, and already inside are spaces for both local books and local fine artists to sell their work.

By Josh Davis, Associate Editor

(Oct. 18, 2018) The Greyhound: An Indie Bookstore is the latest chapter in the life of Susan Ayres Wimbrow, who previously spent 43 years in the funeral service industry before making the literary leap as booth a published author and, more recently, bookstore owner.

The shop officially opened late last week, inside the historic Ayres building on 9 South Main Street originally built between 1895 and 1905.

“It’s been surreal,” Wimbrow said. “We have been open since Thursday and it’s been so busy, between art’s night and Oktoberfest. We’re so happy with the success so far.”

The building is on the National Register of Historic Places and belonged to her great-grandfather. It was previously his general store and his office was where Baked Dessert Café now resides.

Wimbrow said the front desk of the bookstore was previously home to her aunt’s millinery shop – a fancy word for a hat maker.

“There’s a lot of history and it’s very comforting,” she said. “I feel like my ancestors are watching over me.”

Wimbrow announced plans to open The Greyhound in July and promised to create a space that would champion local authors. Her first novel, “Death is My Life,” released locally through Salt Water Media, now sits on a shelf along with many other local works of fiction and nonfiction.

There are also regional and national books from all manner of genre, along with New York Times Best Sellers and a dedicated area for children to browse and read books. Customers can also order books.

What’s more, the shop doubles as an art gallery, showcasing paintings by local fine artists Pete Cosby, Lynne Lockhart and Linda Perry.

“I’m trying to promote Delmarva artists and authors,” Wimbrow said.

She also plans to host author signings, live musicians and book club events on Saturday afternoons.

During weekday and other afternoons, Wimbrow said Oliver and Penelope, her pet greyhounds that are the shop’s namesake, would be in store to receive guests.

Wimbrow, a Berlin native, said in a previous interview that owning a bookstore has been on her bucket list.

“Everyone has been so receiving. Salt Water Media has helped me immensely getting started, from infancy and fruition. They couldn’t have been nicer and easier to work with,” she said. “I also want to thank the mayor, the staff of the town, the chamber of commerce, and the merchants for all having open arms.”

Speaking of Baked Desserts, Wimbrow said it’s handy to have a popular coffee shop and baked goods store just a few steps away. The rear entrance of The Greyhound opens up to the Baked storefront.

“You can walk out the back, grab a coffee or a croissant or whatever you’d like, and bring it back in and sit, and you’re surrounded by beautiful art and classic books,” Wimbrow said.

Visit The Greyhound: An Indie Book Store on 9 South Main Street in downtown Berlin.

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