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Gilbert’s Provisions reopens on Main Street

Top, Gilbert’s Provisions owner Toby Gilbert enjoys the Main Street view of his new location in downtown Berlin. Center, Gilbert said he hopes to improve upon everything he did at the shop’s old location on Commerce Street, while also to “just be a good little cheese shop.” Bottom, With more kitchen space, Gilbert plans to make more items in house including bread and pâté, as well all manner of fermented veggies.

By Josh Davis, Associate Editor

(Nov. 29, 2018) Gilbert’s Provisions, Berlin’s home for charcuterie, cheese and fermented goods, reopened last week on Main Street after moving from its original location a few blocks away on Commerce Street.

The shop was closed for nearly two months as owner Toby Gilbert and a few friends worked to remodel the former Main Street Sweets interior.

“I did all the wood paneling and I did the counter, and I had buddies come in like Mark Brady [of Plak That Printing Co.] and Justin Weismiller of Generations in West O that helped me do the bones for all this,” he said. “I had friends help out with a lot of stuff. It’s kind of crazy how our little neighborhood, when you’re in need, come through.”

Gilbert said it felt great to be open again.

“It’s relieving,” he said. “It doesn’t necessarily feel like beginning again, but it’s like a really good feeling – a different beginning.

“Looking out on Main Street feels more optimistic, just because I can see people, as opposed to last time, where I was in my own little world back there,” he continued. “It feels great and I’m stoked how it turned out. The floor is smaller, but my kitchen is bigger, so that makes me happy.”

Gilbert said he considers the business to be an upscale convenience store.

“It’s everything you need for a good party platter, and then anything for pickle lovers,” he said, adding his plan for the new location was to refine everything he had been doing.

That includes making more homemade bread, pâté and fermented vegetables, serving up daily taco and soup specials, and hosting the occasional private dinner. He also plans to offer two or three types of premade sandwiches as a grab-and-go option.

“Now, in opening this and having the other one for so long, I can see what mistakes I made with organizing or layout,” Gilbert said. “And we’ll definitely do a little bit more with lunches in the new space.

“The end goal, really, is to build a little kitchen somewhere on the outskirts of town, so I can do wholesale and sell to restaurants,” he continued. “[For now], I just want to make this space what I thought the other space was going to be, and just be a good little cheese shop.”

Visit Gilbert’s Provisions at its new home on 16 North Main Street. For more information, visit or call 410-973-2334.