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Gazette Editorial: Wild and wonderful Berlin

Something must be in the water in Berlin, although it’s almost certain that town water department would have a handle on that, but almost nowhere do the employees of any business, any government, or any other type of operation voluntarily go before their bosses each year and publicly thank them for their jobs.

Neither do they testify publicly about how well they have been treated, how good their leadership is or how much they enjoy doing what they do.

Yet, that’s what the employees of the Town of Berlin did Monday, replete with a cake decorated with the town seal, and that’s what they have been doing for years.

This does not, of course, mean that workers elsewhere along the coast, or anywhere else for that matter, aren’t appreciative of their situations, because most people do understand that good jobs and fair treatment are worth more than just a paycheck.

So, what’s so different about Berlin that leads to this annual employee/employer expression of mutual admiration?

Barring some kind of mystical atmospheric condition that settled in over the town on a quiet starry night, it has to be that all the parties involved have a full understanding of what the town does and how it does it.

Mostly, they have to know all about the town’s financial circumstances. They recognize that town government must balance the needs of its personnel with those of the taxpayers who cover a large portion of the budget, and they must appreciate what the town can and can’t afford to do.

The bottom line, apparently, is that Berlin’s employees believe the mayor and council appreciate their efforts, that they’re being fairly treated and that their well-being is tied to the town’s overall performance.

Obviously, the mayor and council, the administration and employees are on the same page. They should be congratulating each other for making that happen.