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Gazette Editorial: Outsourcing talk in Pines is premature

The campaign season is in full-swing in Ocean Pines and one of the platforms being touted by some candidates is to outsource administrative management and financials. One candidate also looks to outsource individual department directors as well.

Last year, saw a tremendous amount of change, with almost a full sweep of high-level personnel throughout the organization, creating confusion and financial drain on the organization. Now is not the time to create more upheaval.

This year, the board has taken many steps forward to get the organization back on track, with permanent hires for both the general manager and director of finance positions, along with launching a forensic audit, which should provide a better picture of what caused the large financial losses in the prior year and beyond.

Additionally, many of the recommendations from the deep dive audit report done earlier this year have been instituted along with Matt Ortt Company taking over the Yacht Club and Beach Club, both of which were in financial disarray and now seem to be heading in a more positive direction.

Certainly, the community should look toward candidates that promote fiscal responsibility, but replacing the management team at this juncture will only serve to create more distraction.

Allowing some time to see how the current staff changes help achieve a better financial picture along with recommendations from the forensic audit make more sense than making a move to outsource the entire operation.