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Gazette Editorial: Our endorsements for the Ocean Pines Board

Property owners in Ocean Pines will soon find ballots in their mailboxes for four seats on the board of directors. Two of those seats will be for a three-year term and the other two will serve the one year left on the terms of members who resigned.

This election cycle, property owners would be well advised to vote for candidates who propose good stewardship of the community’s finances along with a willingness to improve communications with property owners, while working with each other in a more cohesive manner. Not that they should be of same-mind on issues, but they should show the ability to listen to each other and the membership without rancor.

Ocean Pines has suffered for years with boards that looked to create a majority to pursue a pre-set agenda. That resulted in a lack of community input and difficulty moving forward as personal in fighting between the majority and minority took center stage.

The current board has managed to make progress despite the chatter and distraction coming from those who are unhappy they no longer serve. This year it’s time to push ahead by electing those whose focus doesn’t include rehashing past grudges. The community also has an obligation not to repeat past mistakes by seating candidates who would continue to distract from the important work that needs to be accomplished.

Our recommendations are: Ted Moroney, who has shown consummate knowledge of good financial management, providing better checks and balances within the organization; Paula Grey would bring a breath of fresh air and a keen resolve to keep an eye on the ball along with more open communications with property owners; additionally, we recommend Frank Daly and Steve Tuttle, who have served well on their respective committees and we feel will look to ensure the board is working for the betterment of the community with financial restraint.