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Gazette Editorial: Little League success a credit to community

Here they go again, those Berlin Little Leaguers, who have managed to prove once again that small town teams can play some pretty good baseball.

Even though Little League boundaries are governed by population — no league boundary can have a population greater than 20,000 to maintain parity between leagues — the resources within these areas can vary.

Kids playing in the Scruffyville, Arkansas district, for instance, probably don’t have the same advantages as those participating in the Millionaire Row, New York Little League. It’s not likely, after all, that they’re having many bake sales in the Hamptons to support their teams.

What can make up the difference, however, is the degree of commitment from a league’s officials, parents and coaches. And in that regard, Berlin’s organization must be a top tier effort, considering the repeated successes that the league has enjoyed in recent years.

It is, says one admirer of this area’s organized baseball, almost a religion here. Considering all the other things kids might be doing with their spare time other than playing ball, that’s a good thing.

The league’s multiple successes also are a source of town pride and that’s almost as much fun to watch as the games themselves. With so many disconcerting things going on these days, there’s something reassuring about seeing so many people excited about this pursuit of the traditional American pastime.

Although Berlin’s Maryland state champions will be facing the Pennsylvania title holders after this paper hits the streets on Thursday, (watch it tonight on ESPN at 7 p.m.) and we can’t know the outcome, the team should be congratulated for a tournament well-played, just as league supporters should be applauded for putting together another great year.