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Gazette Editorial: Let the holiday giving begin with giving back

With its hundreds of nonprofit organizations that can use some assistance, Worcester County should experience a different kind of checks and balances next Tuesday.

What it should see is people checking their balances and then sending their checks to a charity or a nonprofit organization whose good works they believe deserve support.

Nov. 27 is, after all, Giving Tuesday, a philanthropic movement born in New York in 2012 and then developed into a global campaign. At its core, Giving Tuesday encourages people and businesses to improve their communities by contributing to the agencies and organizations that do the real work.

Writing a check or putting a donation on a credit card requires little energy, but without that money, nothing good happens and the community as a whole suffers for it.

Giving Tuesday is not an exercise aimed at the financial upper tier. It offers anyone with a few extra dollars the opportunity to pitch in on behalf of his or her community, and feel good about having done it.

That’s the one of the greatest rewards of giving: knowing that you have done your part, regardless of the amount. Contributing to a cause or charity is a relative thing. It may require just as much personal sacrifice for one person to donate $1,000 as it does another person to give $10.

This is one instance when the thought truly does count.

Many people have a favorite charity or cause they wish to support and this area has plenty of them to offer. We invite you to make them a part of your annual giving.

For people who may not be aware of the many worthwhile endeavors that would benefit from their backing, the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore ( and can help.

Thanksgiving may be over, but a good way to celebrate that thankfulness is to be generous Giving Tuesday.