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Gazette Editorial: Congratulations to OPA election winners

Once more, with (moderate) gusto, as musical conductors are apt to say to their orchestras as their members prepare for another rendition of a previously played symphony.

Obviously, the word “moderate” is out of place in this context, but as the new Ocean Pines Board of Directors prepares for this year’s performance, it is appropriate.

While the new board should pursue its duties with enthusiasm, or gusto, if you will, it doesn’t need to remake the association or take it in a completely new direction. Some moderation is required, as this body follows one whose hallmark was, for the most part, an absence of extreme controversy as compared to some of the high-volume brawls that preceded it.

Clearly, the directors have important business to attend to — infrastructure, the reserve fund, possible changes in assessments, the forensic audit results and whatever follow-up they require.

Getting these jobs done will require cooperation and compromise, as practiced (minus the occasional eruption) by last year’s board.

Although every board member has a particular way of seeing things and, possibly, a personal agenda he or she wants to advance, these things shouldn’t take center stage or be pursued to the point of distracting the directors from their more immediate tasks.

As personally fulfilling it is to be recognized by voters to be the right person for the job, it remains that property owners didn’t elect individuals to work independently, but to act as part of a group that will get things done.

As we offer our congratulations to the newly elected directors and the best of luck to the entire body, we’re not suggesting that they play the same song, but with more gusto. We’re advocating directorial vigor, just not to the extent that disharmony rules the day.