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Filling Lynch’s shoes will be difficult for Council

Berlin Town Council member Paula Lynch announced earlier this month that she would not seek re-election after 26 years of service.
In this week’s Bayside Gazette edition, staff writer Josh Davis interviewed several of her Town Council colleagues. The consensus was that she will be missed with even comment that the membership does not want to see her leave.
Troy Purnell (District 1) said it best, “I didn’t want to see her leave. She’s a very good, stable bellwether to keep the town on a nice, steady track. She’s done a great job over the years and I hate to see her stop.”
Dean Burrell (District 4) called Ms. Lynch a “treasure,” But he also said the words that have become so part of her demeanor on the council, “honorable.”
Her presence on the panel represents clarity, order, integrity and accountability. When Lynch speaks, the Mayor and Council pay close attention to every word. She doesn’t waste her words. Each one seems to be measured with a sense of reason.
Lynch has worked hard, giving herself to Berlin, and she deserves now to enjoy her retirement. We doubt seriously that she’ll be very far from the inner workings of Berlin. We’re certain that she’ll be there still for her colleagues on the Council and for Berlin’s residents.
Her decisions had a great impact on the revitalization of Berlin, said her colleague Lisa Hall (District 2), “She’s going to be very hard to replace.”
Her shoes will be hard to fill.
Few people can earn a description that Lynch has worked towards.
She is simply irreplaceable.
Mayor Gee Williams said that she has led by example all of these years.
And she’s helped bring Berlin forward to where it is today.
We thank for that and so much more.