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Water’s Edge Gallery to hold symposium

BERLIN – The central question for artists revolves around the nature of reality opposed with and compared to its representation. Working within this kind of constant questioning is what makes painters also philosophers; attempting to evoke ideas, messages and emotions through images that connote words rather than the reverse.  It is no surprise, then, that… Read more »

Holiday Arts Night has grown into successful event

BERLIN – What began as a fall art show, limited primarily to the local galleries, has grown into one of the season’s most anticipated art events drawing people from all over the region to blow off steam, have a unique and enjoyable night out and maybe even pick up a few gifts. What makes the… Read more »

Real organic poultry at Greenbranch Farm

SALISBURY – Ted Wycall is something of a revolutionary. Three years ago, due as much to his lack of confidence in the “big agriculture” business model as in response to both community and personal need, Wycall became one of the youngest organic farmers in the area.  This year he expanded on the sustainable model of… Read more »

Capital Improvement Plan for schools stagnant

SNOW HILL – Given lack of projected funding availability the Worcester County Board of Education’s annual Capital Improvement Plan remained unchanged for the fifth year in a row, according to Superintendent Dr. Jon Andes.  In a brief presentation Andes also thanked Commissioners Linda Busick and Bobby Cowger – both of whom will be replaced by… Read more »

Bayside Gazette changes website

We’ve just debuted our new website but there’s still some work to be done. Please stick with us as we work it out. If you have suggestions or are having trouble using the site contact Tony Russo Meanwhile, we look forward to continuing to improve the site in the coming weeks.

Students learn life lessons from veterans

BERLIN – Last week teachers and students of Stephen Decatur Middle School held two days of Veterans Day events aimed at improving the students’ knowledge, not only of the types of people who serve, but also the types of service there are. In planning the event, physical education teacher Mindy Bankert surveyed the students to… Read more »

Town of Ocean City recognizes retiring employees

OCEAN CITY – The town of Ocean City paid tribute to four employees who have recently retired at the Oct. 12 work session. The Mayor and City Council recognized each employee with a proclamation.  Lance E. Collins retired July 31 after 26 years of service as a Firefighter/Paramedic in the career division of the Ocean… Read more »

It’s magic touring with Disney Live

SALISBURY – Proportionately, it’s easier to make it as a rock star than as a magician so when Brad Ross found a steady gig at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, N.J., right out of college it was a job with which he was pretty happy. Ross was captivated by the magician’s performance at his… Read more »

Knowing when quitting smoking is more than a choice

OCEAN PINES – Karen L’Hussier is one member of the Smoking Cessation Support Group sponsored by the Worcester County Health Department who has occupied both categories of would-be quitters – those who’d like to quit and those who absolutely must.  The first time L’Hussier tried to quit was about three years ago. She did it… Read more »

Salmon croquettes with cooked carrots, collards, and kale

The leaves are raked for the first time in three years, the grass has been mowed perhaps a month or so overdue and the chores are done. That doesn’t happen very often around these parts, so I am fairly pleased with myself. On the flip side, I am exhausted, and the last thing that I… Read more »