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I love the smell of muskrat in the morning

“The horror. The horror.” The famous last words from Apocalypse Now repeated themselves in my head for two days; lifeless and soon-to-be headless bodies looking at me with great disdain, ironically with their eyes having already been removed making the entire episode even more reminiscent of a bad Tim Burton movie. The rabbit was fine…. Read more »

Greens to be ready for spring

OCEAN PINES — The first phase of the greens replacement project at the Ocean Pines Golf Club will be completed within days and the affected holes ready for use before the Memorial Day Weekend deadline, according to General Manager Bob Thompson. Thompson brought with him to the meeting a piece of wood as an example… Read more »

OPA assessment increase indefinite

OCEAN PINES — Should the Ocean Pines Association fail in their latest attempt to reverse the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision, the membership may find what was meant to be a temporary increase in dues extended indefinitely. This week the Board of Directors voted to use the funds that have been set aside to… Read more »

Pines Parks and Rec to consider reflooring

OCEAN PINES — Roy Foreman of the Ocean Pines Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee presented an update on that body’s goings on to the Ocean Pines Board of Directors this week. Foreman told the directors that the committee was considering changing the flooring in the Assateague Room of the community center from carpet to a… Read more »

Yacht Club bids are out, public opening is slated

OCEAN PINES — OPA General Manager Bob Thompson told the Board of Directors this week that 30 perspective contractors attended the March 28 Yacht Club bid meeting. This week, he said, several have asked to be allowed to send sub-contractors out to take a look at the property in the interest of making their bids… Read more »

Experienced artists and newcomers at Arts Stroll

BERLIN — There were no shortage of openings at last week’s 2nd Friday Art  and among them were relative newcomers to the scene as well as places that have been participating regularly for years. j.j. Fish this week featured miniaturist Monica Graham. Miniaturist is kind of an odd description but Graham was pressed for a… Read more »

The art, magic, and science of blown glass

BERLIN — When Jeffrey Auxer started offering Saturday glassblowing classes it was primarily to get people introduced to the art. It started with making Christmas ornaments but quickly grew to include flowers and paper weights and solidly-booked Saturdays. There is something so primitive in the feeling one has molding molten glass into an object and… Read more »

Brown Box Theatre Project brings the hate to O.C.

OCEAN CITY — The Brown Box Theatre Project has never been afraid to rely on local audience support for new and sometimes challenging topics and they continue to push the dramatic envelope with their newest production “A Feeble Mind” opening at the Captain’s Table restaurant next weekend.  On the surface, the play is about a… Read more »

Artist Rina Thaler makes a statement with ‘Israel’

BERLIN — There was so much to explain, and so many qualifications to the explanations that Rina Thaler moved into stream of consciousness mode discussing her newest show “Israel – Life in the Holy Land”, which opened at the Globe during 2nd Friday Arts Stroll and will remain open throughout the month. She’d recently returned… Read more »

Phyllis Clara East

BERLIN — Phyllis Clara East, long time Executive Secretary to the General Manager and Board of Directors of Ocean Pines, passed away at her home on Wednesday, April 4.  She was 72 years old.  Born in Chateauguay, N.Y., East was the youngest of 12 children born to the late Felix Tavernier and Clara A. Santimore… Read more »