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Robert Edward Faulkner

OCEAN CITY — Robert Edward Faulkner, 78, passed away Sunday, July 17 at Coastal Hospice in Salisbury after a long battle with cancer. He was born April 30, 1933 in Washington, D.C.. the son of the late James S. Faulkner and Evelyn M, Winckleman-Faulkner. Faulkner was raised in Washington, D.C. and enlisted in the Army… Read more »

Vantage Point Solutions

SALISBURY — As small businesses rely more heavily on Internet opportunities and networked computers, owners and managers face the growing difficulty of getting everything to work without using outside help. Many offices have made a tech-savvy employee the computer person. At first blush, the decision makes sense.  As important as computers are to a business’s… Read more »

Chesapeake Bay Farms diversifies and succeeds

BERLIN — As milk prices continue to skyrocket, Danny Holland wishes he were three years older. The third generation dairy farmer said he was about three years too young to help his father stay in the local milk business. As a result, his father was forced to give up selling milk to local stores and… Read more »

Town gets Chamber input in preparation for PSC rate reduction case

BERLIN — The next step in lowering the electric rates for Berlin has begun, with the Mayor Gee Williams and the Town Council this week seeking the support of the business community as they prepare to argue the town’s case before the state Public Service Commission (PSC). Earlier this month, the council endorsed a proposal… Read more »

Town seek Pitt Street solution

BERLIN — As the Donaway Building on Pitt Street nears completion, the Town Council has charged Police Chief Arnold Downing with finding a solution that will make the street easier and safer for cars. When cars line both sides of Pitt Street, the road becomes difficult to navigate, as there is barely enough room for… Read more »

Staples fined for price mishaps

WEST OCEAN CITY — The Staples store in the White Marlin Mall was cited last month by the Maryland Department of Weights and Measures for charging a price at the register that was different from the price marked on the shelf. The local Staples was one of 38 stores cited in a statewide sweep of… Read more »

Maryland stores cited for weights and measure irregularities

ANNAPOLIS – The Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) Weights and Measures reported the following enforcement activity between April 14, 2011 and July 11, 2011.  Giant Food # 362, Germantown — On April 14, MDA received $1000 for a civil penalty assessed for short weight. Giant Food # 140, Hyattsville — On April 15, MDA received… Read more »

Local author helps build people up

OCEAN PINES — Everyone has a story worth telling. The trick is to figure out how your experiences can edify others in a way that is both very personal and also engaging. Edify is kind of a tricky word. Many people use it in place of “educate” or as a synonym for teaching someone something…. Read more »

Federal regulations put a crimp in the Local Challenge’s style

BERLIN —  When Upton Sinclair got the country and its politicians all atwitter about the conditions under which meat was produced, America was a radically different country. Gasoline wasn’t even really the main fuel for moving things around the planet and the notion of highly-centralized production being the best way to handle all commodities was… Read more »

MDTA takes its toll

BERLIN — If it wasn’t clear that the folks on the lower Eastern Shore were against the proposed increase in the Bay Bridge toll, the fact that Del. Norman Conway was shouted down by the crowd for suggesting a compromise should have driven the point home. Conway was one of the many people who came… Read more »