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Dog art show perseveres through covid-19

Annual contest on Eastern Shore awards students for canine creations virtually

By Elizabeth Bonin, Staff Writer

(Jan. 21, 2021) After numerous requests from parents, the Eastern Shore Classic Dog Show Art Contest overcame numerous obstacles because of covid-19 to be held.

Worcester Preparatory Middle/Upper School students in George Zaiser’s art classes placed in every age category in the annual Eastern Shore Classic Dog Show Art Contest.

Art Show Chairman Jerry Milko said that he was originally going to cancel the fourth annual art show. The event it is typically paired with the Eastern Shore Classic Dog Show in November, which was heavily modified because of covid-19. The dog show was shortened and only allowed exhibitors.

“We had some parents reach out to us and say ‘Gosh, these poor kids are losing everything, please don’t do this,’” Milko said. “We came up with an alternative.”

He said plans for the art show had to be modified multiple times as covid-19 cases increased in the winter months.

“We reached out with emails to let the schools know we were going to do the art contest again, except that we weren’t going to have any conjunction with the dog show,” Milko said.

With only emails and Facebook posts for advertising this year, Milko collected 138 entries from students ranging from kindergarten to 12th grade.

The contest is open to students from any state. Although most entries are from students living on the Eastern Shore, Milko said he received an entry from Kansas one year.

These art pieces express what a dog means to the student under the theme “Dogs, Our Best Friend.”

“We usually have over 200 entries, but the quality of the entries was phenomenal,” Milko said. “It was unbelievable how good the entries were.”

Instead of having the typical award presentation, the Best in Show, Reserve Best in Show and a select few others were chosen to be displayed at the Salisbury Kennel Club.

A group of six judges selected one winner from each grade level. Those winners received a $25 prize.

Those winners were then considered for Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show, which awards $500 and $250 for a prize, respectively.

Hannah Perdue, a 12th grader from Worcester Preparatory School won Best in Show, and Abby Willis, an eighth grader from The Salisbury School, won Reserve Best in Show.

Worcester Prep Lower School students from Rebecca Tittermary’s class captured first place in every grade level, Kindergarten through grade 5.

Worcester Prep Middle/Upper School students in George Zaiser’s art classes placed in every age category, in addition to Perdue capturing the overall Best In Show top honor.

Milko said that the art contest has a positive impact on students, especially when it was paired with the dog show.

“They get to participate, see the dogs, some of the societal benefits of people that have dogs, and it brings it into the school,” Milko said. “Maybe there’s kids that don’t have a dog and they get to learn about it as well.”

He said fourth grade had the highest participation this year.

“You see some of the expressions that these kids have, even the lower grades, what they’re trying to express in their artwork and it’s really very moving,” Milko said.

The artwork was posted at the kennel club at the end of December and Milko’s plan is to keep the artwork displayed through January.

As of now, public viewing is not available, but Milko is working on trying to change that. Those who participate in the kennel club’s dog training classes can view the artwork in the lobby.

Eastern Shore Classic Dog Show Art Contest winners

Best in Show: Hannah Perdue, 12th grade, “Cuddle Puddle,” Worcester Prep School

Reserve Best in Show: Abby Willis, eight grade, “Untitled,” The Salisbury School

Special Recognition: 

Linsey Marine, 12th grade, “The Ties That Bind,” Marine Home School

Leianna Jones, 11th grade, “Hospital Friend,” Parkside High School

Nadia Bullock, 11th grade, “Family Photo,” Stephen Decatur High School

Angeline Todorov, eight grade, “Reunion,” Worcester Prep

Digital Best in Show: Sydney Todorov, seventh grade, “Dog Runway,” Worcester Prep

Digital Reserve Best in Show: Cayden Wallace, 10th grade, Laika, Worcester Prep

Twelfth grade:

First place: Hannah Perdue, “Cuddle Puddle,” Worcester Prep

Second place: Lindsey Marine, “The Ties That Bind,” Marine Home School

Third place: Zane Cutrara, “Pumpkin Pup,” Wicomico High School

Eleventh grade:

First place: Leianna Jones, “Hospital Friend,” Parkside

Second place: Nadia Bullock, “Family Photo,” Stephen Decatur

Third place: Hannah Barsure, “Untitled,” Worcester Prep

Tenth grade:

First place (tie): Ava Wilsey, “Stephen Ashley,” Worcester Prep; Jenna Hess, “Maggie,” Worcester Prep

Second place: Luke Loeser, “Repair Assistance,” Worcester Prep

Third place: Cayden Wallace, “Laika,” Worcester Prep

Fourth place: Autumn Huntington, “The Service Dog,” Parkside

Award of Merit: Daphne Min, “NYC Travels,” Parkside

Eighth grade:

First place (tie): Abby Willis, “Untitled,” The Salisbury School; Angeline Todorov, “Reunion,” Worcester Prep

Second place: Sydney Tingle, “Very Good Boy,” Worcester Prep

Third place: Jayden Scoop, “Bodni the Bernadoodle,” Worcester Prep

Fourth place (tie): Kate Oland, “Untitled,” The Salisbury School; Caytlin Silva, “Blu the Confidant,” home school

Award of Merit: Jaylyn Hollins, “Dog on a Swing,” Millsboro Middle School

Seventh grade:

First place: Dylan Kyger, “Untitled,” The Salisbury School

Second place: Hayden Galeone, “My Dog Roxi,” The Salisbury School

Third place: Sam Willis, “Untitled,” The Salisbury School

Fourth place: Sydney Todorov, “Dog Runway,” Worcester Prep

Awards of Merit: Ashton Hevner, “Untitled;” Abisha Shrestha, “Untitled;” and Alice Terill, “Untitled,” all of The Salisbury School

Sixth grade:

First place: Chloe Gilchrest, “My Dog Sascha,” The Salisbury School

Second place (tie): Libby Donoway, “My Dog Cooper,” The Salisbury School; Eve Donoway, “Going on A Road Trip with Cooper,” The Salisbury School

Third place: Akum Kang, “At the Dog Park,” Worcester Prep

Fourth place: Haven Harrison, “Groomer Has It,” Worcester Prep

Award of Merit: Hayleigh Galeone, “Untitled,” The Salisbury School

Fifth grade:

First place: Harper Hertrich, “Lots of Love,” Worcester Prep

Second place: Eli Short, “Untitled,” The Salisbury School

Third place: Ryan Shipp, “Holiday Dog,” Worcester Prep

Fourth place: Charlie Cox, “Untitled,” The Salisbury School

Awards of Merit: Willet Cole: “Green Eyes Gazing,” Sussex Academy Elementary; Reed Whisner: “Untitled;” Emilia McGrew, “Untitled;” Sophie Utter, “Untitled;” Presley Soley, “Untitled;” Olivia Hamilton, “Untitled;” Zach Stratten, “Untitled;” Sydney Matyiko, “Untitled;” and Johnny LaViola, “Untitled,” all from The Salisbury School; and from Worcester Prep, Ellie Phillips, “Beach Pup;” Elena Gjoni, “My Dog is my Eyes;” Ruya Kucuk, “Dogs are my Life;” and Katie Currie, “Girl’s Best Friend”

Fourth grade:

First place: Vivian Spraul, “Pieces of Louie,” Worcester Prep

Second place (tie): Jackson Dikes, “Untitled,” The Salisbury School; Ethan Jackson, “Retriever,” Most Blessed Sacrament

Third place: Michael Windon, “Oof,” Most Blessed Sacrament

Fourth place: Sam Metz, “Dauschound on the Beach,” Worcester Prep

Awards of Merit: Lily Gilchrist, “My Pup;” Kayden Clear, “Princess;” and Ainsley Holdar, “My Pup,” all of The Salisbury School; Madelyn MacIntosh, “Toby;” Helena Udinski, “CoCo;” and Morgan Petrik, “Daisy, Waisy, Biasy,” of Most Blessed Sacrament

Third grade:

First place: Lilly White, “Playful Puppy,” Worcester Prep

Second place: Somers Cole, “The Dog Next Door,” Sussex Academy Elementary

Third place: Raia Gorfinkel, “Boston,” Worcester Prep

Fourth place: Ava Carver, “Untitled,” Glen Avenue Elementary

Second grade:

First place: Gavin Dennis, “Tinker My Best Friend,” Worcester Prep

Second place: Suri Thomas, “First Day of Summer,” Worcester Prep

Third place: Tijel Pillai, “King,” Worcester Prep

Fourth place: Alexandra Kuon, “The Dog Park,” Worcester Prep

Award of Merit: Remy Hertrich, “Dog Park,” Worcester Prep

First grade:

First place: Jack Parks, “Winston Dream,” Worcester Prep

Second place: Nora Rafinski, “A Fall Day with my Puppy,” Worcester Prep

Third place: Tobias Blaska, “Yeti, My Favorite Puppy,” Worcester Prep

Fourth place (tie): Madelyn Tull, “Playtime;” and Brooke Arnold, “Puppy,” Worcester Prep


First place (tie): Isla Pippin, “The Family of Pink Poodles;” and Eric Thomas, “Fly Pup,” Worcester Prep

Best Digital (Computer) Submission: Sydney Todorov, $200 Worcester Prep