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Coming soon to yacht club: trivia night, events, specials

Ocean Pines Yacht Club

By Josh Davis, Associate Editor

(July 26, 2018) Ralph DeAngelus of the Matt Ortt Companies used a portion of the Ocean Pines Clubs Committee last Thursday to discuss plans for promotions and events at the Ocean Pines Yacht Club.

DeAngelus said a trivia night has been penciled in for Thursdays, starting this fall, in the upstairs banquet area. He said the event would likely be more traditional than prior trivia nights at the club, which included lots of digital bells and whistles.

He teased heavy promotions during the upcoming NFL season, including the addition of more TVs at the club. Those would likely occur during Sunday games, as DeAngelus said he believed the “ship had sailed” on Monday Night Football and during Thursday night games, although there were still plans to broadcast those.

A large buffet is planned for Thanksgiving, to include two-to-three seatings on the first and second floors, and low prices in order to attract local families.

“We were thinking less than the [Sunday] buffet price,” he said. “I was just trying to do something that would make Ocean Pines people go, ‘I could feed my whole family of 10 for $150 — and we’re all stuffed!’

“We’ve got some great things coming around the corner, [including] Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, the 50-Year Bash, the schedule moving forward [and] a Halloween party,” he added.

Before the yacht club reduces its hours during the fall, DeAngelus said he would offer specials to help clear out inventory.

“We’re going to do a special Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 30 percent off your whole check, all three days before we go to Thursday, Friday, Saturday only,” he said. “That helps us. It clears our shelves of unwanted inventory before we go down to a softer part of the season and the people coming from Ocean Pines are thankful that their family of four ate and drank for $50 — and well.”

He said plans were also to offer curbside service and delivery during the shoulder season.

“We’ve got a lot of great things coming around the corner … We’re starting to work on all those future things now,” he said. “We think we’re really going to shock people with some of the stuff that’s coming.”