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Colleges teaching the wrong lessons

We raised our children for 18 years; instilling in them a sense of responsibility, morals, industriousness, charity, kindness, and love for this country. Then they are off to college.
They come home with those character traits that you, as a parent, worked so hard to inculcate in them – greatly distorted. Parents are finding out more and more that they paid over $100,000 to have their children’s minds set against the very morals and nationalism that they so fervently believe in. Much to your surprise, your child hates America.
Where do you think all this “take a knee” crap is coming from? Plato, a student of Socrates, 428-348 BC said, “The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life.” The socialist left, who hate capitalism, this country, and all the institutions that make it great, knows this.
This is why they are against school vouchers and any competition in our educational system. This attitude changing starts in kindergarten and continuous through 12th grade. The children are still home in this time period and good parents can at least observe subtle changes in their children.
A professor of environmental studies at Salisbury University wrote an example of this in a long winded, two-column dissertation. It could have been summed up with, “Hey America, stop trying to be great again.  Decrease productivity and dominance in the world.  Give the environment a break, you overgrown pig of a country!”
You know, that our country is responsible for bettering the lives of millions of people all over the world in countless ways that would fill this newspaper.
It is time parents start boycotting these colleges, which hire professors who hate this country while sharing personal distortions which they harbor. Parents, you are paying to have your offspring indoctrinated. Look into schools that teach facts and accurate American history. Hillsdale College is a good starting point.
Dennis W Evans, Berlin