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City finally taking action

It’s always good to see local government acknowledge a bad situation and then immediately get into the business of fixing it.

That’s exactly what has happened in Pocomoke City, where a decades-old water problem is being resolved comparatively quickly under the direction of a new administration.

Pocomoke’s water woes were recognized years ago, about 40 years ago, in fact, but when the mayor and council last August brought on as city administrator former Worcester County commissioner and county department head Bobby Cowger, he declared that clearing up the city’s drinking water was a priority.

He and the mayor and council meant “clearing up” literally, as the water was potable, even if it did look like cloudy tea pouring from the tap.

As of this week, following work on wells, pipe replacements and water plant improvements, the situation is markedly improved, with Councilman George Tasker reporting that his water is already 99 percent better than it was.

That’s noteworthy, considering that just a few months of work has made such a difference in a circumstance that has existed for so long.

As Cowger told the council, however, this is just the beginning of an expensive overhaul. To that end, he proposed and the council approved a small increase in the water rate to help cover the cost.

Most everyone would have to agree that it is a small price to pay for clear water that won’t stain clothes in the washer or dishes in the sink.

More importantly, though, residents also should recognize that this group of people in City Hall not only recognize the existence of problems, but also are prepared to do something about them.