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O’Malley slashes budget ahead of exit

(Jan. 8, 2015) Gov. Martin J. O’Malley will offer up to $400 million in budget reductions at the last Board of Public Works meeting of his eight years in office. The reductions, which were not detailed, will be O’Malley’s last chance to erase a projected budget shortfall of about $400 million in the current year… Read more »

Letters to the Editor

Current state of  law enforcement Editor, Having been in the active law enforcement profession for nearly 40 years, I feel impelled to comment on the current state of law enforcement that I have observed during my career. America’s police are some of the most educated, professionally trained and highly regulated police officers in the world…. Read more »

Miscommunications make medium issues big ones

Here we go again in Ocean Pines, where miscommunications or misconstrued communications or too many different communications have made significant issues into bigger ones. There is, for instance, the matter of the golf course’s management, with Casper Golf being told, or not told, that its role as course operator will or won’t continue in the… Read more »

Exercise caution over the holiday season

It’s a sad thing that the holiday season is not only about glad tidings and spreading goodwill but also is a time of being wary of people whose intent is not so merry. That, more or less, was the message this week from Berlin Police Chief Arnold Downing, who, just like most other law enforcement… Read more »

Making Maryland business friendly

(Dec. 4, 2014) Everything from taxes and regulatory changes are potentially on the agenda as a new legislature and Republican Gov.-elect Larry Hogan take office in January shortly after the expected release in December of recommendations from a task force convened to study improving the state’s business climate. Business leaders say they are excited at… Read more »

Where would Hogan cut taxes?

(Nov. 27, 2014) A consistent campaign theme of Gov.-elect Larry Hogan that resonated with Maryland voters was his pledge to seek ways to roll back as many as possible of 40 tax increases his campaign identified as enacted during the last eight years. As Hogan and his transition team put together an agenda for his… Read more »

It ain’t all that bad

Only by coincidence are they related, but the answer to the question of how Ocean Pines is doing and how Mediacom’s service is perceived did arise during the course of the same meeting. And that answer would be, to quote Ocean Pines Association board President Dave Stevens,” It ain’t all that bad.” Stevens was referring… Read more »

Wallops’ economic wallop

NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility became a popular topic on the campaign trail, often cited by many as a major potential jobs engine in Worcester County. Despite the catastrophic Orbital Sciences Antares rocket failure on Oct. 28, officials in the county believe the future is bright and the potential economic impact on the county is sky-high…. Read more »

Gov. race: Brown and Hogan on taxes

BALTIMORE—If it comes out of your wallet it’s a tax, and the two major candidates for governor are keenly aware that pocketbook issues are of keen interest to voters. After an early focus on social issues, Democratic Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown has joined Republican Larry Hogan in a stretch-run debate on those concerns. In… Read more »

Economics drive gov. race

BALTIMORE — The election of Maryland’s next governor could turn on so-called pocketbook issues and a lack of confidence some Democrats say they have in the ability of candidates in their own party to address concerns related to jobs, taxes and economic development. A poll released Tuesday by the Sarah T. Hughes Field Politics Center… Read more »