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Economics drive gov. race

BALTIMORE — The election of Maryland’s next governor could turn on so-called pocketbook issues and a lack of confidence some Democrats say they have in the ability of candidates in their own party to address concerns related to jobs, taxes and economic development. A poll released Tuesday by the Sarah T. Hughes Field Politics Center… Read more »

New laws taking effect in Maryland

BALTIMORE, MD — This year the House of Delegates and Senate introduced nearly 2,700 bills and passed 368. On Wednesday, a large portion of the 328 bills signed into law by Gov. Martin J. O’Malley will take effect. The most controversial of these will make possessing a small amount of marijuana — less than 10… Read more »

Les Munro at 102 still going strong

Okay, so what does one ask a 102-year-old man who has been written about before especially when he reached the centennial mark two years ago? But there is something different, special about Leslie J. Munro. I think that special trait is that there’s not a whole lot difference between Les and most other people. He… Read more »


OP Board should check gaming revenue accuracy Editor, I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to all members of the (Ocean Pines) Board (of Directors) for your service to our community.   I’m sure you all have agendas for continuing to make Ocean Pines a great place to live, but I would like… Read more »

Berlin should find good future Visitor Center use

Why is the Berlin Visitor Center’s future use uncertain? Located on 14 South Main Street, the center uses a front office for Berlin Main street as well as offices and a commons area. Main Street uses two rooms for storage and conferences. The Chamber rents a room for its executive director and one for storage… Read more »

Little League baseball’s hot streak

Little League is hot right now. I can never remember such attention being given to the sport that involves thousands of kids from all over the world. Berlin can rightfully say that it shared in the launching of the sport into this nation’s radar screen this year. And who could not say that the time… Read more »

Letters to the Editor

Common Core questions Editor, Below is an email sent to the members of the Worcester County School Board on Aug. 21. WHEREAS the Board of Education of Worcester County Public Schools, wish to express their concern regarding the development, selection, and implementation of both the Common Core State Standards and the PARCC Assessment Program. WHEREAS… Read more »

Letters to the Editor

Note of thanks Editor, On Monday, July 28, I had the misfortune of falling to the ground as I was crossing the parking lot at the library. Well, I’m writing to thank all the people who gave me attention, and got me up. The ambulance came and the men had the stretcher out already to… Read more »

Dr. Wilson’s summer for preparation

For Dr. Jerry Wilson, superintendent of the Worcester County Public School System, summer “vacation” is a time of preparation, training, hiring personnel and taking care of just about any or every nuanced detail to help be ready by the time that first bell rings on Tuesday, Sept. 2. We caught up with Dr. Wilson at… Read more »

Different groups find common place

It really says a great deal about a nation when two very different religious faiths share something beautiful in common. In this case, it’s Ocean City’s beachfront. Monday evening, I attended the Jesus on the Beach Music and Ministry Festival to talk to some of the vacationers who were perhaps exchanging a walk on the… Read more »