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Letters to the Editor

Common Core questions Editor, Below is an email sent to the members of the Worcester County School Board on Aug. 21. WHEREAS the Board of Education of Worcester County Public Schools, wish to express their concern regarding the development, selection, and implementation of both the Common Core State Standards and the PARCC Assessment Program. WHEREAS… Read more »

Letters to the Editor

Note of thanks Editor, On Monday, July 28, I had the misfortune of falling to the ground as I was crossing the parking lot at the library. Well, I’m writing to thank all the people who gave me attention, and got me up. The ambulance came and the men had the stretcher out already to… Read more »

Dr. Wilson’s summer for preparation

For Dr. Jerry Wilson, superintendent of the Worcester County Public School System, summer “vacation” is a time of preparation, training, hiring personnel and taking care of just about any or every nuanced detail to help be ready by the time that first bell rings on Tuesday, Sept. 2. We caught up with Dr. Wilson at… Read more »

Different groups find common place

It really says a great deal about a nation when two very different religious faiths share something beautiful in common. In this case, it’s Ocean City’s beachfront. Monday evening, I attended the Jesus on the Beach Music and Ministry Festival to talk to some of the vacationers who were perhaps exchanging a walk on the… Read more »

Cars, bikes: it’s still a two-way street

Sarah Davis was sitting at a kitchen table in her mother Judy Davis’ West Ocean City home Monday. It had been almost a week since Davis, 29, was struck while riding her bicycle on 142nd Street by a vehicle, whose driver kept on driving. Davis was left between the street and the sidewalk on the… Read more »

Emotional rollercoaster in four days

Last Thursday through Sunday proved to touch several aspects of life. During the course of these days, I ran into the depths of sadness to the heights of happiness. When a person comes through this to the other side, there’s a dizzying almost vertigo-like feeling trying to figure out just what happened and what are… Read more »

Coastal Hospice helps many families

One of the jobs we do as editors is to read and edit the many obituaries that come across our desks. We do so with the understanding that the writers of these obituaries want to include as many surviving relatives as possible as well as good friends and even pets, and that many of these… Read more »

Waiting one more day for fireworks

“A meteorological bomb.” That’s what the guy on the Weather Channel called a winter storm that was going to hit Maryland during the early part of the new millennium. It was supposed to start on an early Saturday morning. That Friday afternoon, my wife Lisa and I did the usual Maryland thing. We purchased food,… Read more »

Huey brings back memories for many

Sharyn O’Hare, board member emeritus and co-founder of the Worcester County Veterans Memorial at Ocean Pines, had the rapt attention of about 50 seated and standing at the Ocean City Airport. It was Memorial Day, after all, a day to really recount those who gave their lives so that we may be free. O’Hare talked… Read more »

Candidate’s actions of entitlement

Entitlement. It’s a word that keeps surfacing this year in political conversations. The name it is associated with is attorney general hopeful Jon Cardin. He is the delegate from Baltimore County’s 11th legislative district who failed to show for 75 percent of his House Ways and Means Committee votes this last 90-day session in Annapolis…. Read more »