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Letters to the Editor

Women’s History Month reflection Editor, At the beginning of Women’s History Month it is important for us to reflect on those intrepid women who stood, and stand, for equity and equality. This is particularly important in view of the most recent Ocean Pines Board of Directors nonsense reported in the Bayside Gazette last week. It… Read more »

Gazette Editorial

OP has a problem, but don’t worry about it After acknowledging that it has a problem, the Ocean Pines Board of Directors this week went on to lose whatever marbles it has left by committing publicly to work privately on a concern it won’t reveal, and thinking that’s just fine. One must assume that the… Read more »

Gazette Editorial

Time to clear the air Transparency is an overused word to describe an underused concept. That’s how it has seemed ever since governing officials and their constituents began to demand more of it in recent years. Yet, despite these pledges of more openness, the flow of information from authorities to the public has been increasingly… Read more »

Letters to the Editor

Former director addresses OPA Editor, Once again, I feel as a former [Ocean Pines Association] director the need to speak out. This email is not solely focused on Colby Phillips but rather the toxic environment which has come to be again in OPA. Let’s talk about the facts. I was a director on the board… Read more »

Letters to the Editorial

Colby Phillips resigns from OP Editor, Ocean Pines Community, I wanted to share that effective March 2, I will be leaving my position as the Ocean Pines Amenities and Operational Logistics Director. This community is absolutely amazing! I have been so honored to be able to work for you all and I pray and hope that… Read more »

OP election uncertain, but numbers don’t lie

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At the time this was being written, three days remained before the end-of-the-day Friday filing deadline for the Ocean Pines Board of Directors election, with just one candidate officially on the ballot. Another has informed board officials of his/her intention to file, leaving just two people to pursue one of three seats available. Incumbent Esther… Read more »

Gazette Editorial: How phosphorus could impact Super Bowl LIII

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As Eastern Shore farmers attempt to gain more time before they have to abide by the stricter standards the state’s phosphorous management tool would impose this year, most people probably aren’t paying attention. They should be, considering that more than just farmers will be affected if the state goes to the next, more restrictive step… Read more »