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Washington Street Work May Be Postponed

BERLIN — The residents of Washington Street could have to wait months or even years to see the scheduled road repairs, but many of those who turned out for this week’s council meeting on the matter said they didn’t have a problem with an indefinite delay. One resident who was not in favor of the… Read more »

Berlin gets new B&B

BERLIN — In the most technical terms, the Waystead Inn took about 15 months to renovate and open, but the reality is that last week’s opening was the culmination of an exhaustive search that took years, not months. I Mark Kauffman, who owns the town’s newest bed and breakfast said he and his wife, Dr…. Read more »

Area remembers

OCEAN PINES — Residents and visitors from all over the region on Sunday held a ceremony commemorating the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attack on the United States. Dozens of people gathered around the Worcester County Veterans Memorial at Ocean Pines to witness the remembrance and pay homage to those who lost their lives on… Read more »

Windows remain a historic district sticking point

BERLIN — If you thought the historic district’s window troubles were over with last winter’s resolution of the Atlantic Hotel window replacement debacle, it is time to revisit that assumption. During discussion about how to prevent blight by banning homes and businesses from boarding windows for extended periods of time, it was revealed that many… Read more »

Rental licensing measure passes unanimously

BERLIN — Landlords and people who have rooms to let will have to register with the town following the council’s approval this week of legislation aimed at making sure rentals are up to code. Since most landlords have business licenses, it won’t be necessary to pay the $10 fee that accompanies the registration but, in… Read more »

Junk cars banned

BERLIN — As part of a continuing effort to put some teeth in the town’s property maintenance rules, the Town Council on Monday held a public hearing on junk vehicles and presented the first reading on brush, grass and weed maintenance rule changes. Junk, inoperable or unregistered vehicles will no longer be tolerated within the… Read more »

Ocean Downs seeks expansion

SNOW HILL — William Rickman, owner of the Casino at Ocean Downs, hopes to expand into other forms of entertainment.  Site plans filed with the Worcester County Department of Development Review and Permitting reveal he wants to add a 34,430-square-foot movie theater and an 11,251-square-foot bowling alley on the Ocean Downs property at the northeast… Read more »

OPA Golf Course's troubles continue

OCEAN PINES — Some of the golfers at the Ocean Pines Golf Club this week believe that the course’s current conditions are the result of less than stellar management decisions. Others lay the blame firmly on Mother Nature, which has been unkind at best to all the area courses, including Ocean Pines. Although both the… Read more »

911 Remembered

WEST OCEAN CITY — The horror unleashed that September morning echoes to this day in public speeches, airport security lines, and seemingly endless foreign conflicts. Those same attacks left children without parents, parents without children, and voids in thousands of families- including that of River Run resident Bob Dillon. Born in New York City, Dillon… Read more »