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A Possible Break for the Waystead Inn

BERLIN — Planning Supervisor Chuck Ward approached the Mayor and Council on behalf of the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) to ask that body to provide a little extra leeway when it came to deciding upon variances for bed and breakfast operations. Under the current rules, beds and breakfasts all fall under the same restrictions,… Read more »

Berlin continues to work out open container rules

BERLIN — As the Mayor and Council, the merchants and the residents begin to get a feel for the implications of the new process for suspension of the open container rules, all parties have begun to make adjustments to their operations in response to what is working and to what is not going according to… Read more »

Directors to reconsider Burbage land

OCEAN PINES  — Jack and Todd Burbage presented the OPA Board of Directors this week with the preliminary draft site plan for a medical office complex they propose to build on the Association’s northern border. “Atlantic General Hospital is bursting at the seams,” Burbage said. The new complex would make it both easier to centralize… Read more »

Bob Thompson lays out greens replacement plan

OCEAN PINES — Over the coming weeks the greens replacement project approved by the Board of Directors will be well underway and at the last meeting General Manager Bob Thompson presented an update on the work. As part of a plan to both improve the fairways and the greens, an aggressive tree removal and trimming… Read more »

Commissions seek standards pattern book

BERLIN — In the wake of several difficult decisions by the Planning, and Zoning and Historic District commissions, the chairs of those bodies, Newt Chandler and Carol Rose, respectively, sought direction from the Mayor and Council on developing architectural guidelines and neighborhood definitions. The two said that developing better neighborhood definitions and architectural standards would… Read more »

Humphreys Foundation to soldier on

BERLIN — Ellen Lang has been in Berlin politics a long time and in the town itself even longer so it is likely she’s prepared to find a way to appease the Berlin Historic District Commission. Lang, who represented the Humphreys Foundation before that body, was told last week that the proposed Chamber of Commerce… Read more »

Henry Park path a priority for Berlin

BERLIN — Although she admitted it might be difficult to get funding from the cash-strapped state, Assistant Town Administrator Mary Bohlen sought approval from the Mayor and Council for what she called her Project Open Space (POS) “wish list”. In past years, the item that topped the list but remains incomplete, was a request for… Read more »

Steve Falck honored

BERLIN — This week Mayor Gee Williams presented what he called a “bitter-sweet” proclamation to Patty Falck declaring March Multiple System Atrophy Awareness Month. The proclamation was in honer of Falck’s husband Stephen who suffered from the degenerative disease. “He’s just an outstanding citizen and person,” Williams said of Stephen. “We are hoping that as… Read more »

Small Business Development Center advises in Berlin

BERLIN — The Small Business Development Center at Salisbury University has been among the better kept secrets of the business community for some time. Although many people are familiar with the fact that it is a program of some sort, fewer understand the breadth and depth of the non-profit’s services for both startups and established… Read more »

Town makes deal to save $1.5 million on MDE loan

BERLIN — The Mayor and Council passed a measure that could save the town as much as $1.5 million on the new wastewater treatment plant. Under an agreement with the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) the Town will issue a bond for $3.5 million and use the cash it raises to pay off that… Read more »