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Ocean Downs seeks expansion

SNOW HILL — William Rickman, owner of the Casino at Ocean Downs, hopes to expand into other forms of entertainment.  Site plans filed with the Worcester County Department of Development Review and Permitting reveal he wants to add a 34,430-square-foot movie theater and an 11,251-square-foot bowling alley on the Ocean Downs property at the northeast… Read more »

OPA Golf Course's troubles continue

OCEAN PINES — Some of the golfers at the Ocean Pines Golf Club this week believe that the course’s current conditions are the result of less than stellar management decisions. Others lay the blame firmly on Mother Nature, which has been unkind at best to all the area courses, including Ocean Pines. Although both the… Read more »

911 Remembered

WEST OCEAN CITY — The horror unleashed that September morning echoes to this day in public speeches, airport security lines, and seemingly endless foreign conflicts. Those same attacks left children without parents, parents without children, and voids in thousands of families- including that of River Run resident Bob Dillon. Born in New York City, Dillon… Read more »

Staff visits developer

BERLIN — As the proposed 40-plus housing development on Tripoli Street continues to work its way through the town approval process, Town Administrator Tony Carson decided to combine his weekly staff meeting with a field trip so the department heads could get a sense of what type of work the town could expect from the… Read more »

Burley Oak opened in a hurricane

BERLIN — After what seems like an eternity, especially to the owners, the Burley Oak Brewery opened for business Friday to the relief of Bryan Brushmiller and the fans of the local brew who have been waiting more than a year to buy their first growler. Hurricane or no, when Brushmiller announced he was officially… Read more »

Berlin weathers storm

BERLIN — With the exception of the odd power outage from fallen limbs, town departments kept things running smoothly during the recent storm, according to Town Administrator Tony Carson. “I can’t say enough about the way the staff responded,” Carson said. Police, public works and the electric company all worked around the clock shifts to… Read more »

Landlord Licensing Likely

BERLIN — It took some doing, but the Town Council along with Mayor Gee Williams, town staffers and members of the public hammered out a framework that would require all landlords to be licensed.  The proposal will be fine-tuned in time for Monday’s council meeting, when it will have it’s first public hearing and likely… Read more »

Local Beverage Options Abound

BERLIN — Man cannot live on bread alone, which is just as well, because getting locally ground wheat can be a bit of a problem. But wherever the bread comes from, there is no reason to wash it down with anything that isn’t produced on the Eastern Shore. Earlier this week, four of the people… Read more »

Town Could Save $4 Million on Sewer

BERLIN — Although there is much to be done in the coming months, the wastewater plant upgrade should come in at more than $4 million below the approved bond funding, according to Town Administrator Tony Carson. The mayor and council this week approved a bond measure to secure the next phase of the plant’s construction… Read more »