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SDHS Golf Ready for Bayside

BERLIN — Stephen Decatur’s golf team is off to a strong start this year, according to Coach James Krall. The six players on the varsity squad have been practicing hard to prepare for upcoming matches. Four of these players are newcomers to varsity, making this a fairly young team.   The two returning players, however,… Read more »

Pole Power

WEST OCEAN CITY — Finding the balance between realistic, attainable goals and the will to complete them is really what being part of an exercise program is all about. As an instructor, Angela Houck, who owns and runs the Pole Power studio, is responsible for keeping that distinction in the minds of her students. As… Read more »

Art from the Sea

WEST OCEAN CITY — During his 12 years as a commercial fisherman, Timothy Trout has seen an astounding variety of items in his nets. But as fewer of those items were fish, Trout began looking for a different way to earn a living. As it turned out, the answer to his new calling has been… Read more »

Miss and Mister Berlin Peached Named

  BERLIN — The downtown was alive with activity Friday as kids from all over the area came to participate in the third annual Little Miss and Little Mister Peach Berlin contest. Sponsored by Main Street Berlin, this event chooses the children who helped open this year’s and will help open next year’s Berlin Peach… Read more »

Rainy Peach Festival Successful

ERLIN — When he announced the winners of the Little Miss. and Little Mr. Berlin Peach contest Friday, Mayor Gee Williams assured attendees at that time that peaches taste just as good in the rain. He was acknowledging the fact that the forecast wasn’t friendly for Sunday’s Berlin Peach Festival and encouraging the 2nd Friday… Read more »

This Time it's Personal

BERLIN — When Jeffery Auxer walked into the Globe last month and began trash talking with Greg David about which of them would emerge victorious at the end of the Bathtub Races, he sparked what has become a heated rivalry. Although he was eventually eliminated, David bested Auxer in the bracket rounds of the race… Read more »

Little Chico Creates and Destroys

BERLIN — Blank space has a particular appeal to most artists. It suggests possibility. Artists tend to be, without irony or pun, drawn by the prospect of bringing order to emptiness from the first moment they understand that such a thing is possible. When artist Little Chico was little Little Chico, he was attracted by… Read more »

Local author helps build people up

OCEAN PINES — Everyone has a story worth telling. The trick is to figure out how your experiences can edify others in a way that is both very personal and also engaging. Edify is kind of a tricky word. Many people use it in place of “educate” or as a synonym for teaching someone something…. Read more »

Bathtub Races Reborn in Berlin

BERLIN — It might be appropriate that the winningest bathtub owner in the town’s history — Jesse Turner — retired this year because the Berlin Bathtub Races were reborn in exciting fashion last week.  Beginning with a parade that wound up an already enthusiastic crowd and ending with the controversial victory of one of the… Read more »

Middle-class migrants help produce 'Good' food

BERLIN — Kapri Grant and Hannah Klein are the oddest June Bugs you are likely to meet. Before hitting the Boardwalk for the evening, they spend the day weeding and doing other farm chores as a way of earning their keep. They are obviously bored and tired but resigned to finish their contract before moving… Read more »