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Pines board election ballot count on Wed.

There’s nothing quite like a hotly contested election to juice up the level of local interest, especially when no one knows whether the final ballot count is truly an election or just a legal exercise to be used as the basis for a court decision. As this is being written several hours before ballot counting… Read more »

Seek better means to honor Rev. Tindley

As easy as it might be to conclude that Berlin’s Historic District Commission dislikes the idea of having a Rev. Dr. Charles Albert Tindley mural in particular painted on a downtown building, that would be the wrong conclusion. Remember, this is the same body that warred with then-Mayor Gee Williams years ago over whether the… Read more »

Pines election contest goes into extra innings

People who like post-season playoffs because they are more intense than routine games should follow the OPA Board of Directors post-election competition if heightened gamesmanship is their thing. At stake  is control of a board that seems to have little these days, as members try to plunk each other with high, hard and inside pitches…. Read more »

OPA board majority just plain wrong

The decision by the Ocean Pines Board of Directors to resume its pursuit of a three-candidate field in this year’s election is not just wrong, it’s self-servingly wrong. By refusing to establish which of the homeowner association’s governing documents — the deed restrictions, the charter or the bylaws — holds precedence over the others, it… Read more »

Letter to the Editor

Trendic weighs in  on Farr case Editor, After reading the opinion titled “Election case ruling will define ownership” and Mr. Bright’s letter I wanted to bring this to your attention. As a former member of the OPA Board and the Association’s Secretary I understood how important it was to become familiar with our governing documents…. Read more »

Gazette Editorial

Election case ruling will define ownership There’s no way to know how Circuit Court Judge Sidney Campen will rule Monday after he weighs arguments over whether the Ocean Pines Association Board of Directors rightfully declared would-be candidate Richard Farr ineligible to run after the election was underway. At issue is whether a trust’s ownership of… Read more »