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John Viola’s frustration was understandable

As an unpaid volunteer, John Viola, Ocean Pines’ chief financial officer, appears to be getting a little weary of trying to explain there’s no such thing as a free lunch, while also fending off crazy accusations about people taking advantage of the system. That would be anyone’s take on Viola’s rant Saturday that covered a… Read more »

Republicans overtake Worcester delegation

Worcester County Democrats may have had the blues Tuesday, but the county’s Republicans rode a wave of scarlet fever on election day to give the county its first all-GOP state delegation in years, and maybe ever. Once a Democratic stronghold — albeit conservative Democrats — the county has sent Republicans to the State Senate and… Read more »

Gazette Editorial: Anticipating results of Ocean Pines’ audit

Nobody doesn’t like a good mystery, which is what the forensic audit of the Ocean Pines Association’s finances has become as it enters its second, and possibly final, phase. Association members know — or can find out on the community’s web page — what the auditors have accomplished to date, but they won’t learn anything… Read more »