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Gazette Editorial: Anticipating results of Ocean Pines’ audit

Nobody doesn’t like a good mystery, which is what the forensic audit of the Ocean Pines Association’s finances has become as it enters its second, and possibly final, phase. Association members know — or can find out on the community’s web page — what the auditors have accomplished to date, but they won’t learn anything… Read more »

Gazette Editorial: Mathias, Carozza rivalry has nothing on D.C.

Given the increasingly bitter relationship between the major political parties these days, a rivalry so extreme that it’s destroying any sense of national unity by poisoning one half of the national population against the other, the argument between Sen. Jim Mathias (D) and Del. Mary Beth Carozza (R) about dirty advertising barely registers as a… Read more »

Gazette Editorial: Deferred maintenance has an easy solution

Figuring out who’s to blame for the failure to keep up with the maintenance of some of Ocean Pines amenities is easy: the responsible parties are — everyone. Rather than a culture of indifference, as Director Frank Daly asserted last week, it was the culture of disagreement on boards of directors that resulted in more… Read more »