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Gazette Editorial: Public participation is the public’s job

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Public distrust of government has been around since the beginning of organized rule, and it is no worse now than it was 100 or even hundreds of years ago. In the 14th Century Florentine Republic, in what would become Italy some 500 years later, skepticism of government was so great that voters elected new rulers… Read more »

Gazette Editorial: Berlin park has little to do with budget woes

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New critics of the Town of Berlin’s purchase of the former Tyson chicken processing plant in 2015 are mistaken, when they argue that passing on that purchase would have eliminated the current need for a tax increase and higher sewer and water rates. The property, which was bought for $2.5 million drawn, in part, from… Read more »

Gazette Editorial: Impeachment lecture was misrepresented

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American patriotism is not threatening people who want to know how their government works. Neither is it defending one point of view to the extent that those who think otherwise risk physical harm. That’s tyranny, the prevention of which is the reason for our constitution’s existence and which it accomplishes by establishing the division of… Read more »

Gazette Editorial: OPA ‘transition team’ a source of confusion

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By establishing a transition team to help replace departed General Manager John Bailey with a different management approach, the Ocean Pines Board of Directors risks confusing what should be a straightforward matter. Understandably, the board and Bailey parted company this week in the waning days of a budget struggle that frequently veered into left field… Read more »