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Gazette Editorial: Home values, OPA at large, doing just fine

Ocean Pines, whether it’s a matter of finance, lifestyle or desirability, is not going to hell in a handbasket. It might seem that way to a few people, but taking the opinions expressed at last Saturday’s Ocean Pines Association budget meeting as a reflection of the entire community’s thinking would be a big mistake. With… Read more »

Gazette Editorial: Not quite yet time for pitchforks and torches

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As Ocean Pines property owners prepare for Saturday’s budget session, they might temper their outrage at the proposed $127 increase in assessments by accepting that this financial package is still in the preliminary stages. Considering the observations offered this week by Association President Doug Parks, it’s apparent that this level of increase will not stand… Read more »

Gazette Editorial: Pines meeting space also a consideration

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Faced with cleaning up prior neglect and the poor decisions of the past, the Ocean Pines Board of Directors has to make the tough decision to abandon the idea of renovating the County Club. Considering that solutions have been batted around for years as to the best course of action to take on the decaying… Read more »

Gazette Editorial: Pines budget process confusing and messy

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The Ocean Pines budget process makes a traffic jam look coordinated and its blare of honking horns sound symphonic. The good intentions of everyone notwithstanding, this overly complicated procedure makes it difficult to understand who is accountable to whom. After the financial mess of a couple of years ago, along with the continuing desire to… Read more »

Gazette Editorial: How phosphorus could impact Super Bowl LIII

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As Eastern Shore farmers attempt to gain more time before they have to abide by the stricter standards the state’s phosphorous management tool would impose this year, most people probably aren’t paying attention. They should be, considering that more than just farmers will be affected if the state goes to the next, more restrictive step… Read more »