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Development needs limit

Few, if any, people would want to block the Rinnier Development Company’s 700-plus-townhome complex on Seahawk Road, as it would help maintain the economic balance and vitality that is necessary to Berlin’s success. As Mayor Gee Williams observed this week, the town does not want to become so exclusive that only the upper middle class… Read more »

Question of fees good one

As the topic of adjusting or adding fees for nonmembers surfaced in the most recent Ocean Pines Association board meeting, the point to  think about is that charging nonmembers a higher price for access to recreational facilities can be a tricky business. That’s because it’s a balancing act with three pivot points: fairness, revenue and… Read more »

FIddler’s, an unlikely hit, became an enduring one

Twenty-five years ago, Berlin businessman and then County Commissioner Jim Barrett had an idea about how to add a little life to what was then a mostly quiet downtown. Why not, he wondered, have a fiddling competition such as the one he had just seen in Elkins, Va.? Throw in some bluegrass-style entertainment, pile some… Read more »

As it turns out, we are ‘urban’ after all

The question, it would seem, is why the new "Urban Area, Stay Alert" traffic sign on the highway in Berlin employs the word "urban, when it’s obvious that Berlin is hardly an urban area. Or is it? First, though, as Mayor Gee Williams said regarding that particular sign language, he doesn’t care what it says… Read more »

In this instance, it’s OK to color outside the lines

Worcester County’s Habitat for Humanity is taking a bold and non-traditional step with its plan to develop a housing project geared toward artists. Although Habitat’s purpose generally is to provide reasonable and affordable housing for families, its proposed 6,000-square foot complex adheres to the nonprofit organization’s principles while also taking an entrepreneurial step that is… Read more »

Non-meeting no big deal

The supposedly secret organizational meeting that didn’t happen in Ocean Pines last week before the full OPA board of directors met on Monday isn’t as big a deal as the subsequent mini uproar would suggest. It might, at first blush, sound surreptitious on the part of directors Tom Terry and Pat Renaud, who tried and… Read more »

Balanced board ahead

Congratulations to Tom Herrick and Cheryl Jacobs, who were elected to the Ocean Pines Association Board of Directors on Saturday. The voters themselves also deserve recognition for making a pair of excellent choices. The addition of two people who ran as independent thinkers should bring balance to the board and do well by the community,… Read more »

Put aside your agendas

To employ a cliché, it’s all over but the shouting, and possibly that is over as well, as the voting deadline passes in Ocean Pines’ Board of Directors election. The results of the months-long campaign will be revealed Saturday and the two winners will be installed on the Ocean Pines Association’s ruling body. The business… Read more »

GM shouldn’t factor in vote

As the voting deadline approaches in Ocean Pines, property owners who have yet to mail their ballots would be wise to keep in mind that this election should not be considered a referendum on the Ocean Pines Association on how the general manager should do his job. It is, and should always be, about which… Read more »

Hats off to Chamber, Water Resources team

What can we say about last week’s Berlin Bathtub races, except that we came in second to the military-industrial-government complex of Berlin’s Water Resources department. While it is true that its entry was somewhat faster than ours, that’s what anyone would expect when word is that Water Resources called in favors from some of its… Read more »