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Life isn’t always a beach, but we do all live on one

Not to be preachy, but isn’t this the time of year that we should be thankful that we’re here and functioning rather than being self-involved, angry and uncivil because, well, this is America and it’s our right to be anyway we want? One might argue that we’re simply following the tone set by the increasingly… Read more »

Time for Berlin, fire company to move on

While, as Yogi Berra once observed, it’s not over until it’s over, the three-year battle between the Berlin Fire Company and the Town of Berlin has reached a détente and appears to be on its way toward closure. While that, of course, is a good thing, it’s even more important to Berlin’s residents, who are… Read more »

Ocean Pines needs to find middle ground

To expand or not to expand facilities in Ocean Pines to serve the public beyond the needs of the community is one of the key questions the homeowners association’s long-term plan and its town meetings needs to address. Problem is, a simple yes or no answer won’t suffice. While there will be both detractors and… Read more »

Berlin’s agenda all about moving ahead

Some critics, wherever they are, might say that the Town of Berlin is doing too much too quickly, what with it poised to approve a significant increase in housing on the edge of town and the conversion of the former Tyson Foods property into a major recreation facility. Add to that its consideration of a… Read more »

Health Literacy on rise in county schools

Based on recent findings by University of Maryland’s Herschel S. Horowitz Center for Health Literacy (UM), there was a statistically significant increase in health literacy among students in Worcester County Public Schools who took part in the Integrated Health Literacy Program (IHLP) during the 2014-2015 school year. The student’s overall health literacy – or the… Read more »

Town, BFC should settle

Although the sorry tale of the Berlin Fire Company, Zack Tyndall and the Town of Berlin has long since vanished from the headlines, it now appears to be a case closed forever. With a settlement reached in Tyndall’s harassment suit against the company and others, that aspect of this unfortunate situation has been concluded, but… Read more »

Development needs limit

Few, if any, people would want to block the Rinnier Development Company’s 700-plus-townhome complex on Seahawk Road, as it would help maintain the economic balance and vitality that is necessary to Berlin’s success. As Mayor Gee Williams observed this week, the town does not want to become so exclusive that only the upper middle class… Read more »

Question of fees good one

As the topic of adjusting or adding fees for nonmembers surfaced in the most recent Ocean Pines Association board meeting, the point to  think about is that charging nonmembers a higher price for access to recreational facilities can be a tricky business. That’s because it’s a balancing act with three pivot points: fairness, revenue and… Read more »

FIddler’s, an unlikely hit, became an enduring one

Twenty-five years ago, Berlin businessman and then County Commissioner Jim Barrett had an idea about how to add a little life to what was then a mostly quiet downtown. Why not, he wondered, have a fiddling competition such as the one he had just seen in Elkins, Va.? Throw in some bluegrass-style entertainment, pile some… Read more »

As it turns out, we are ‘urban’ after all

The question, it would seem, is why the new "Urban Area, Stay Alert" traffic sign on the highway in Berlin employs the word "urban, when it’s obvious that Berlin is hardly an urban area. Or is it? First, though, as Mayor Gee Williams said regarding that particular sign language, he doesn’t care what it says… Read more »