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Addressing gulf on golf

Returning the Ocean Pines golf course to local control by ending the contract with Landscapes Unlimited was the right move for the Ocean Pines Board of Directors, who ascertained correctly that saving money in this instance is as good as making it. Even though Landscapes did make improvements in the operation, the course looks to… Read more »

Third time’s the charm?

Don’t be too hasty in making judgments on the quality of the food and service at the yacht club, now rebranded as Mumford’s Landing, since the Ocean Pines restaurant and club is going through the same thing all new restaurants do. As veteran diners know — and Ocean Pines has plenty of them — the… Read more »

Shoes off to Jesse Turner

Now that Jesse Turner is moving on at the age of 86, thousands of people in the area will no doubt will be wondering, “Now what will we do?” Turner, who’s owned the Berlin Shoe Box for decades and seems to have worked there since the beginning of time, is one of those people out-of-towners… Read more »

Er on side of inclusion

If local governments and community associations were marching bands, they would be moving to the beat of conundrums. A bad pun that may be, but it is a good way to describe how small government operations find themselves in an endless struggle to keep assessments at a politically acceptable level, while also ensuring that services… Read more »

Walking the Pine plank

A take it or leave it approach usually results in no one walking away truly satisfied, and this could end up being the case with Saturday’s decision by the Ocean Pines Board of Directors to proceed with installing a pirate ship playground at the yacht club. Like many things these days, discussion focused on pitting… Read more »

America is already great

The infuriatingly wrong thing about the slogan “Make America Great Again” is that it declares that the United States has become an also-ran in the global lineup. It also begs the question, if America is no longer great, who among the other nations has moved into that top spot? Some would argue that the country’s… Read more »

Heroin problem in Pines

The last thing anyone would have expected 49 years ago, when Ocean Pines came into existence, was that the community would find itself with a heroin problem. But that’s what’s happening, according to Police Chief Dave Massey, who said that this, one of the safest population centers in the state, saw 70 overdose cases in… Read more »

Let’s hope it’s a good one

The year 2016 was a mess: rough weather, flooding, bomb threats, lawsuits, ugly politics, the loss of good citizens, and business that was OK, but not so wonderful that it overshadowed the year’s difficulties. It was, in many respects, like the year before and the year before that. With the arrival of each new year,… Read more »

‘Tis the (angry) season

Peace on earth and good will toward … Oh, right, that’s out the window these days. How about this then: peace on my patch of the earth and good will toward people who agree with me. For reasons sociologists will spend lifetimes trying to sort out, political and religious differences are no longer just sensitive… Read more »

Generosity is news, too

Charities in this area — and there are plenty of them — get frequent publicity, because it’s necessary to remind the public that all these institutions and organizations can only do their good works if residents do their share as well. As dedicated as the volunteers and leadership of these groups might be, their efforts… Read more »