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No comp plan for Pines

For all the discussion of how to create a comprehensive plan for the Ocean Pines Association, the critical point that most people seem to miss is that the homeowners association doesn’t need one. Maybe OPA officials are just using the wrong label for what they really want, which would be a decision-guiding vision statement that… Read more »

Cheers to Church Mouse

Fifty years of helping people is a rare thing, even among the largest of organizations, but when it’s the smallest of enterprises that itself depends on the public for help, it’s exceptional. That’s why praise for the Church Mouse Thrift Shop at a short ceremony marking its half-century of service last week in Berlin was… Read more »

A word on our letter policy

Now that election season has begun in Ocean Pines, candidates, their supporters and their detractors should be aware of how the letters to the editor policies work at this paper. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue, but a number of people over the years have been irked when the letters they sent for publication inexplicably… Read more »

Snow Hill fourth grader good example to all of us

Ellie Black, the Snow Hill fourth grader whose Little Library project at Byrd Park has been vandalized repeatedly, is learning a valuable lesson: some people take pride in being mean and stupid. Ellies’s Little Library is a small outdoors installation that holds a few books that anyone can borrow and return. It’s a kind and… Read more »

Snow Hill free Wi-Fi delayed

Things happen. Or, to put it another way, the road to free Wi-Fi in Snow Hill has been paved, but remains a few weeks away from handling traffic. Frustrating as it may be, the delay in the installation of the required equipment isn’t Comcast’s fault. It could hardly anticipate the surge it would see in… Read more »

A full slate in Ocean Pines

Twelve candidates? That could happen in the Ocean Pines board election this year, according to sources familiar with the candidate vetting process. That many candidates vying for just three seats should give property owners the opportunity to do what’s best for the community, assuming that no axe grinding or personal agendas get in the way…. Read more »

OPA befuddling as usual

Trying to analyze the reasons behind the Ocean Pines Association Board of Directors’ vote on General Manager Bob Thompson’s contract extension is an exercise in befuddlement. As his contract was up for renewal, Thompson asked that it be extended for another three years, but without the generous bonus clause that could bring him anywhere between… Read more »

Dualization will be boon

Of all the economic development efforts being directed to mid- and lower Worcester County, nothing will be of greater benefit than the completion of Route 113’s expansion to a four-lane highway. To be sure, making the county’s deadliest highway safer has always been the goal, and Gov. Larry Hogan’s announcement last Friday that funding has… Read more »

Trump comes to Main St.

One might ask why Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, fresh off a Tuesday victory in New York, would shift gears on his bandwagon and direct it to small- town Berlin. After all, the Republican voter turnout alone in the New York primary was 10 times greater than the total population of Worcester County and a… Read more »

Bayside Gazette expands mainland coverage

This week marks a major step forward for the Bayside Gazette and Ocean City Today, as the local company that publishes both weekly newspapers begins countywide coverage for readers and advertisers. The Bayside Gazette, which has become the definitive news publication in Ocean Pines and Berlin, is expanding to include the Snow Hill and Pocomoke… Read more »