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Fix is — clearly — not in

It doesn’t get more blunt than Berlin Mayor Gee Williams was Monday night, when he addressed rumors that a quiet deal had been reached between the Carl M. Freeman Companies and the town on the redevelopment of the Bay Club. “Whoever is saying that doesn’t know what the hell they’re talking about,” Williams said, leaving… Read more »

Blame sport — not town

Winters Quarters Golf Course, a staple of the Pocomoke City landscape for more than 80 years, hasn’t failed the city and neither has the city failed the golf course. The sport’s lackluster growth in recent years along with the inevitable increase in expenses is the biggest problem here and in hundreds of other locations across… Read more »

Regs need reassessment

The Worcester County Developmental Center, like every other vocational training center for adults with intellectual disabilities, is not necessarily looking forward to the future. Because of changes to federal regulations via a 2015 rule on “Home and Community-Based Services,” the developmental center and others like it will no longer be able to provide jobs for… Read more »

Pines waters still murky

Although many in the community came out Thursday evening to make their views clear on the issue of the Family Fun Day on Sundays at the adult pool during the summer, they also addressed the more important issue of how the decision process should work in such instances. In last year’s election, voters sent a… Read more »

OPA GM needs oversight

In recent months a number of decisions have been made by acting Ocean Pines General Manager Brett Hill that have seemingly caught most board members – along with the community – by surprise. The latest example is opening up the previously adults-only Oasis/Yacht Club pool to families on Sunday afternoons during the summer season. The… Read more »

Berlin’s ‘Field of Dreams’

Youth interest in organized sports, especially baseball, has been fading so rapidly in recent years that even big league officials have taken notice. This, at least, is according to articles in the Wall Street Journal, the Huffington Post, The Washington Post, Time, Forbes, The Atlantic and numerous other highly respected print and online journals. They… Read more »

Don’t bet on towns to get cut of casino funds

No one can blame Snow Hill and Pocomoke officials for seeking a tiny slice of the Ocean Downs Casino revenue pie, but they will be going against house odds to get it. It isn’t because those communities wouldn’t be able to make a reasonable argument for a share, because that wouldn’t be too difficult. Considering… Read more »

Argument for fiber thin

A push coming from ThinkBig Networks is encouraging the community to pressure the Ocean Pines Board of Directors to make a quick decision to allow an easement for fiber optic cable to be run in the community. Initially, the proposal looks like a no-brainer with no up-front cost to OPA to have the lines run,… Read more »

Pines gamble worthwhile

The Ocean Pines Association search for a general manager to take over from interim operational chief Brett Hill is akin to the “Forrest Gump” box of chocolates observation: “You never know what you’re going to get.” Or, as Director Dave Stevens put it, “You pays your money and takes your chances.” That’s about the size… Read more »

Addressing gulf on golf

Returning the Ocean Pines golf course to local control by ending the contract with Landscapes Unlimited was the right move for the Ocean Pines Board of Directors, who ascertained correctly that saving money in this instance is as good as making it. Even though Landscapes did make improvements in the operation, the course looks to… Read more »