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Voters’ buyer’s remorse

 Not to be redundant, as we seem to write a similar editorial each year going into Ocean Pines elections, but it is always with the hope the incoming board members will remember their campaign promises once they take their seats at the table. Elections of late, unfortunately, have brought a winner-take-all philosophy. Sides are drawn… Read more »

Hill can take it or resign

Were it not for its potential to inflict harm on the community, one might excuse the laughable nature of the Ocean Pines Association Board of Directors’ possible vote on whether to expel one of its members. The directors, after all, aren’t debating nuclear disarmament or the ability of North Korea to strike American soil, but… Read more »

OPA fatigue contagious

Ocean Pines is exhausting. It’s exhausting, as a news outlet, to cover, and this week the majority of the Board of Directors indicated it’s exhausting to govern. Imagine how the homeowners and residents must feel. At a Sunday public meeting during what was otherwise a picturesque and sunny beach day, interim General Manager Brett Hill,… Read more »

Where is BOD oversight?

One must wonder why many on the Ocean Pines Board of Directors have taken the posture of sitting back and taking little action while Acting General Manager Brett Hill makes many changes typically not within the scope of a board member temporarily in that role. The board, and Hill for stepping up to take the… Read more »

Advantages to annexation

When a town annexes property adjacent to its borders, it isn’t always about expanding its tax base, encouraging commercial or residential growth, or seeking change in the nature of the community. In many instances, these things might be factors in deciding to bring swaths of property into the municipal embrace, but towns also pursue annexations… Read more »

Something smells fishy

The news release from the Ocean Pines Association said the board of directors “worked collectively” to solve an undisclosed problem and met in closed session “to collaborate as a team.” Neither of these statements, vetted as they must have been by the association leadership, is true. As was demonstrated Monday night, when the directors voted… Read more »

Believe in Berlin business

It’s good to know that Berlin’s Main Street area has become so highly regarded as a place to do business. It hasn’t been that many years, after all, that town officials had to recruit various enterprises to fill in the blanks in what was then just a vision of how the downtown should look. When… Read more »

McGuffey deserves credit

With so many people spending their time looking down at the truncated messages on the screens of their smart phones and tapping abbreviated replies, it’s a wonder there’s anyone left who can produce a properly composed, appropriately punctuated sentence. Whether they’re in a restaurant, walking on the street, in stores shopping or relaxing on the… Read more »

Interesting by omission

Something is happening here, but you don’t know what it is. That’s a line from an early Bob Dylan song about a person who was baffled by events taking place around him. Although that lyric was about the inability of un-hip outsiders to understand the rapidly evolving cultural scene of the 1960s, it also applies… Read more »

Ocean Pines Board has to hold Hill accountable

No matter the right or wrong of it or who says what, Ocean Pines has a real mess on its hands, as senior management continues to leave the association’s employ. With the recent resignation of Chief Financial Officer Mary Bosack, allegedly because of work conditions, it’s obvious that something isn’t right and that the board… Read more »