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Doors of tattoo perception

As the Town of Berlin gets down to the business of establishing standards that may or may not allow tattoo artists to set up shop in town, residents, merchants and officials need to accept the fact that the tattoo business isn’t what it used to be. Time was that tattoo parlors were fixtures of the… Read more »

Bravo on Berlin accord

It was hard not to be moved on Monday night in Berlin, when 40 minutes of vigorous debate ended in a compromise and those in attendance broke out into spontaneous applause over the outcome. It’s the kind of thing you dream about seeing in Washington, but only really happens in Frank Capra films.   A… Read more »

Ocean Pines gets reboot

As of today, it’s the Ocean Pines Association 2.0. That’s if one were to employ the computer software manufacturers’ way of saying “we’re going to get it right this time.” With new General Manager John Bailey running the OPA, and a new board member to be named on Thursday to replace Brett Hill, who resigned… Read more »

OPA, Bailey get fresh start

A fresh start, that’s what new Ocean Pines General Manager John Bailey promises to deliver to the community, even if he has not and probably would not say such a thing. It’s good form, generally speaking, for anyone about to asåsume responsibility in new managerial circumstance to respond to well wishers and congratulatory comments with… Read more »

Wishing Bailey the best

 The only thing that needs to be said with regard to new Ocean Pines Association General Manager John Bailey is, “good luck.” And that’s a sincere wish, with not one iota of sarcasm attached. Everyone, regardless of his or her specific interests, wants Bailey to do well and act as a calming influence on the… Read more »

Help for hurricane victims

As is the custom in these parts when tragedy strikes elsewhere, northern Worcester County residents are preparing to do what they can to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Following this tradition is one of the few times when it is perfectly acceptable to say, “That’s how we’ve always done it.” One reason for our… Read more »

Yacht club conundrum

The Ocean Pines Association financial report for the last month isn’t good, as the numbers posted for the Beach Club and Yacht Club show a steep and continued decline from last year. While the multitude of changes to the facilities and staff this year made for a financial mess, the reality is every new board… Read more »

Let’s change the subject

The inclination to veer away from angry circumstances and volatile topics is strong this week and therefore lands us in Berlin, where, if all is far from perfect, its officials and residents at least continue to strive for a rare level of community harmony and attractiveness. And what could be more harmonious than an excellent… Read more »

Waiting on transparency

The core issue in Ocean Pines isn’t really one of nondisclosures, questionable decisions or projects that have gone awry, but one of trust. Early on, many on the board made a pact to close ranks, deter comments to the media and show blind loyalty to one another. However, as happens when information, both good and… Read more »

Miller became a symbol

The board of directors’ skirmish this week over an attempt to remove Gary Miller from his assignments on the clubs and aquatics committees is the product of the turmoil that has enveloped the board in recent months. Ordinarily, no one would blame any elected body for removing one of its appointees after he or she… Read more »