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Bayside Gazette Editorial: Auditors, not committee will know what’s best

Citizen involvement in government is a good thing … up to a point. Too much involvement can make government unwieldy, as elected officials must listen to and consider many voices, relevant or not, before they can act. To do otherwise would offend participants and, more specifically, make the citizen participation approach to governance meaningless. This… Read more »

Gazette Editorial: Town hall was minefield

Going into a question-and-answer session with a hostile agenda, which some members of the audience did at the Ocean Pines town hall meeting last Thursday, is one of those increasingly disagreeable developments of our current democratic circumstance. Why, for instance, would anyone ask a question of the presiding person or group, when he or she… Read more »

Gazette Editorial: Town meeting tonight

The Ocean Pines Association town meeting tonight (Thursday) is an excellent idea … going into the session. Whether it will be perceived that way after it takes place remains an unknown. The success of this gathering will depend on how the audience responds to the opportunity to communicate directly with the board of directors and… Read more »

Q&A session at town hall, tonight

By Josh Davis, Associate Editor (April 19, 2018) The Ocean Pines Association will host a town hall today, Thursday, at 7 p.m. in the Assateague Room of the Community Center on 235 Ocean Parkway. The agenda includes a presentation by the Matt Ortt Companies, which have been hired to run association food and beverage operations, and… Read more »

Audit like a physical …

In some respects, a forensic audit, such as the Ocean Pines Association is about to undergo, is like an autopsy and executive physical rolled into one: the autopsy shows what went wrong, while the comprehensive physical determines whether that same thing is likely to happen again … if left untreated. But also like the executive… Read more »

OPA GM purchases do not add up

By Josh Davis, Associate Editor (April 12, 2018) The rules of depreciation and gravity are similar: what goes up must come down, which was the case with a huge surge in capital purchases in the 2016-17 business year in Ocean Pines followed by the similarly sized thud of deprecation that dwarfed the write-downs of the… Read more »

Hard truths of software

Getting more information before calling for proposals to upgrade the association’s financial software, as the Ocean Pines Association Board of Directors agreed last week, is the right thing to do. Buying software isn’t like it once was, when buyers had fewer options and, consequently, fewer opportunities to get the wrong thing. Now, however, the market… Read more »

Gazette Editorial: South county edition ends

The Bayside Gazette is ending its southern Worcester County edition after this week, but not before acknowledging the support it received from readers and the leadership in that area. Officials and residents of Snow Hill and Pocomoke were not only receptive to our venture, but did whatever they could to help us establish ourselves. Readers… Read more »

Gazette Editorial: Deficit, audit unrelated

If there’s one thing people know how to do, it’s to hypothesize by drawing on an assumption born of speculation. In other words, people often arrive at the conclusion first and work backwards to build an argument to support whatever they believe to be true. That’s what is happening with the discussion of the $1.9… Read more »