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Can an editor serve as councilman? Yes

One question we have been asked, as Berlin Council candidate Steve Green’s competitors in the newspaper business, is whether we think he has a conflict of interest as both a chronicler of and participant in local government and politics. The second question is whether we think it’s appropriate for him to serve. The short answers… Read more »

Gavin Knupp: wheels of justice still grinding

The wheels of justice grind slowly, but grind exceedingly fine, the Chinese general and philosopher Sun Tsu is said to have observed more than 2,500 years ago. What he and many others who have employed that proverb over the ages have meant by that is justice is rarely immediate, but it is inevitable. To put… Read more »

Directors had to act in confrontation case

The legal question notwithstanding, the Ocean Pines Association Board of Directors’ decision to punish former director Tom Janasek for his outburst at the Yacht Club in May was something it had to do. When one member of the association accosts another in a community-owned facility and unleashes an unrelenting verbal assault on that individual, the… Read more »

Directors should see calmer seas ahead

The Ocean Pines Association should see relatively calm seas in the year ahead, if the last tenure of Doug Parks as president in 2019 is any indication. Judging from his performance then, most people would conclude that Parks’ last go-round in the OPA’s top post will take a decidedly moderate approach. And why shouldn’t it?… Read more »

Bohlen clearly earned promotion to top job

It can’t be said that Berlin’s new town administrator, Mary Bohlen, doesn’t know her way around the place, or that she may need some time to familiarize herself with the people with whom she will be working, or that she isn’t aware of the politics, personalities and visions that drive the mayor and council’s policy… Read more »