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When weather turns cold, turn to soup

I paddled three times last week, once in an outrigger and twice on an ocean board. I left my house yesterday morning in a T-shirt, only to wish that I could work in shorts and flip-flops, it was so warm. It was almost as though we were being spoiled by the weather gods as we… Read more »

Spare goose, but don’t spoil appetite

This column originally ran in an Oct. 16, 2014 edition of the Bayside Gazette. It was a scene out of “Rambo IV,” or maybe I’m thinking “Terminator.” I rolled up to Route 589 just as those geese and ducks – those dreaded monsters – started waddling their way into incoming traffic. What ensued was nothing… Read more »

Kimchee and cheese top off perfect burger

The great meal mystery shrouds me tonight. My many choices and musings all come down to this moment of great triumph – a point in time at which I decide the fate of hundreds of people, nay, dozens. I am in another hospital in D.C. visiting a loved one and looking for dinner and there… Read more »

Squid ink, ‘OO’ flour adds gourmet touch

The following column originally ran in the Sept. 24, 2014 edition of the Gazette There are times when something just strikes my fancy and today marked one of those spells. Walking through the kitchen after straightening out the walk-in, I remembered my days in Baltimore. I cooked in some good restaurants and one such place… Read more »

Play with your food: making ‘ants on a log’

I was trying to doze off, having had a very long day. Things usually happen in threes, as they say, and the third event was merely a warm-up for the fourth and fifth mighty dealings that weighed heavily on my shoulders. But, hey, it’s all part of this adulting thing, something that I try to… Read more »

Whole lobster, while pricey, has many uses

Lobster, sweet lobster. To me, eating a freshly dispatched one takes me back in my memories to a rocky bank in Massachusetts with the smell of seaweed and ocean permeating my senses. At the same time, I fly back to Kauai where I was snorkeling at Tunnels Beach a year and a half ago. On… Read more »

Remembrance of (camping) things past

My wife and daughters have always been more than happy and willing to go camping – as long as there’s air conditioning and beds. And a shower. Oh, and shopping is a plus as well. As much of a blow as this may have been to my inner-camper, as of late I’ve been reminiscing the… Read more »

Israeli couscous absorbs immense flavor

Almost as though it was too much to ask for (my apologies for ending an opening statement with a preposition; you’ll simply have to bear with me), we suddenly received the cool weather so many people were so desperately seeking out. And my feet, sitting atop the bricks in our tiki bar, are cold. Yes,… Read more »

Enjoy beautiful bounty of produce stands

Chefs are a different breed of people. We are bizarre, and often try to convince others that there is a romance or mystique about our career. In fact, there is nothing more mysterious about us than the fact that when we’re done cooking, we still have to scrub the floor, wipe out the floor drains,… Read more »

Reel in some Reel Inn-sourced shrimp tacos

Damn it all. I just got home from a grueling, hot and sweaty day at the Reel Inn, as I’m working the White Marlin Open again, but fret not. I love working this event, but it does wear heavy on my old and weary bones. I’m simply not the man I used to be. I… Read more »