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Punishing pun purveyor admits fake news

By Paul Suplee, MBA, CEC, PC-3 I sit here, chewing on a wonderful BLT that I made and I smile to myself; more of a smirk, actually. Recently, I wrote an article about puns; an article that celebrated puns and an article that ended with the cleverest pun of all. But truth be told, there… Read more »

My dog ate my homework and my glasses

By Paul Suplee, MBA, CEC, PC-3 I don’t know why anyone, including myself, spends so much on sunglasses. You can fill my head with all the hooey about techno-gobbledygook, but once you perfect one technology (polarized lenses, for example), it’s a cheap process to mass produce. But, just like those headphones with the letter on… Read more »

Kickstart summer with grilled lobster dish

By Paul Suplee, MBA, CEC, PC-3 Ah, the hot and lazy days of summer are upon us. Wait, I must be delusional. Where am I that I think it’s even remotely hot? I recently wrote about Costa Rica, so maybe I’m still stuck in that frame of mind, because it certainly is not very hot… Read more »

Fall in love with guacamole, all over again

By Paul Suplee, MBA, CEC, PC-3 Travel is a wonderful pastime when you are afflicted with the wanderlust gene, as am I and my children. We used to take our children to as many places as possible and that hasn’t changed a bit. My 13-year-old was fortunate enough to travel to Costa Rica with a… Read more »

Top off your holiday cookout with Kobe dogs

By Paul Suplee, MBA, CEC, PC-3 I know I wrote about hot dogs at some point last year, but at this point I’m so tired I can’t see straight. I’m sitting in an airport writing this. In fact, this is my second airport today with my daughters, as the airline at the first airport completely… Read more »

Trouble sleeping? Try this food coma dish

By Paul Suplee, MBA, CEC, PC-3 What is this thing that people call “sleep?” I remember when I would get it in my youth; restful slumber. And although I was never one to sleep for 12 hours at a clip, I fondly remember getting about six to eight hours and waking up refreshed. I guess… Read more »

Secret to Chicago deep dish? File not found

By Paul Suplee, MBA, CEC, PC-3 There comes a time in a man’s life that he has to weigh his personal safety against the demands of his clientele. I feel that I may be at that point in my career, as I have waited long enough to share the great secret of Chicago deep-dish pizza… Read more »

Blackened Tautog, Chesapeake Risotto

By Paul Suplee, MBA, CEC, PC-3 I don’t know about you, but the kids and I are so happy that spring is finally here. Many of us were convinced that we were somehow in the middle of “Groundhog Day,” anxiously awaiting anything over freezing temperatures and pining for beach time in more comfortable weather. I’ve… Read more »

The sandwich that almost broke Suplee

By Paul Suplee, MBA, CEC, PC-3 The following column originally ran in a May 5, 2016 edition of the Bayside Gazette: There are times in a man’s life when he must face his biggest challenges head-on, or more to the point, incisors-on. Into the bargain, it is in these great times of conquest that he… Read more »

Practice makes perfect for cured meats

By Paul Suplee, MBA, CEC, PC-3 There is something so satisfying in watching a student cure meat and seafood for the first time. I remember fondly when I cured my first piece of fish in 1984, and it still amazes me about as much as my vacuum-packer does to this very day. There’s just something… Read more »