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The old microwaved steak bit, huh?

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By Paul Suplee I wake up starving. by stomach is grumbling as I stir in this comfortable bed in Atlantic City. Here for a food show, I think about the money I won on the blackjack table last night and then immediately my mind goes to dinner. Oh, dinner. Oh, you comedy of errors. For… Read more »

Only March lamb is in this Shepherd’s Pie

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By Paul Suplee “In like a lion, out like a…” Oh, shut up, March and go home. You’re drunk. Usually one to moderately mock people who publicly and regularly bemoan the winter season, I am now ready to raise my pitchfork to Mother Nature and demand summer! Of course, I do remember past springs when… Read more »

Shaking off the dust while waiting for spring to spring

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By Paul Suplee The question remains, is spring ever going to come? We all know that it is, but we are in that two to three-week window where everyone is tired of the cold and just waiting for some good news from the weatherman. Of course, waiting on reliable, good news from the weatherman is… Read more »

Some people can be real jerks. Food, too.

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By Paul Suplee Years ago, we took the kids to Great Wolf Lodge in the Pocono Mountains. It was a multiple-family trip, and one of the fathers made it plainly obvious that he would have rather been at a professional development day at work than on this trip with a commune’s share of wild-eyed children…. Read more »

On snowy winter days and sizzling seafood

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By Paul Suplee I imagine that you are tucked under a cozy blanket in front of a fireplace while you read this. And by that time, the mystery as to whether it was actually going to snow will have been solved. One meteorologist says this, while another says that. Moreover, with defiant assurance, a third… Read more »

Oysters are easy. Teaching? Not so much.

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By Paul Suplee “What will I teach them first? How to break down a chicken? Vegetables? Seafood and shellfish? Baking? Meat fabrication? This is going to be great!” These thoughts and many more rolled through my mind as I excitedly awaited starting my new job. Then I started my new job. I vividly recall my… Read more »

Pickled green beans: a bloody mary’s BFF

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By Paul Suplee  Temperatures in the teens, the polar vortex splitting arctic air into pieces that are saturating us with frigid weather, and firewood that just won’t light despite every effort are all playing their role in this being a chilly morning in the homestead. [Pause] OK, I was able to get the fire started… Read more »

Chicken so good you want to take it on a boat

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By Paul Suplee Superstition is an amazingly powerful thing, whether it’s wearing the same jock strap – unwashed – for every game as a defensive lineman for the Saints, or practicing that bizarre batter’s ritual every time that you come up to plate. Or, maybe it’s never taking a banana on a boat, or always… Read more »

Hearty, fatty foods perfect for cold weather

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By Paul Suplee Oh, the folly of this weather. As much as I love winter, now they are telling us that Sunday’s temperatures will drop from 55 to 10 in a matter of hours. Personally, I find this to be a bit nonsensical, but it reminds me of the day this past autumn on which… Read more »

Extra fish pieces? Time to make fish bites

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By Paul Suplee Few things can be more therapeutic to a chef than cleaning fish. Granted, a week in Costa Rica may indeed be a close second, but you get the idea. No, wait; a week in Costa Rica is a much better option, improved greatly by cleaning some fish that you just caught. Alright,… Read more »