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Cheries and almonds are cousins that make a great Roli-Boli

When I tried to research Roli-Boli online, a closed restaurant in New Jersey topped the list. Beyond that, franchise opportunities abounded, albeit I could only imagine that they might indeed be for the eponymous defunct project. No, the only Roli-Boli that I had ever heard of is that made by my mother-in-law for family gatherings… Read more »

Barbecued ribs: a real meal

Independence Day.  July 4th.  Known by many names, the true reason for the 4th of July is to celebrate the birth of our nation through the sacrifice of those who believed in liberty. Liberty and BBQs?  That’s for the history books to decide.   While Memorial Day kicks off the official BBQ season, the 4th… Read more »

Grilled Figs

Alas, the halcyon days of summer are officially in our midst. It is quite a feeling to know that there is such a warm spell upon us. Of course, many who complain about the cold of winter are now griping about the humidity, heat and clamminess of the skin, but so it goes. As I… Read more »

Simple, yet effective way of making a difference.

Escoffier once wrote and often preached that the greatest dishes are very simple. It is this maxim that guides modern cuisine well after a century of this tenet’s existence. This is not to say that everything is easy, just simple. Let me explain. If you take a small grouping of fresh and lovely ingredients, your… Read more »

Something different: truffled bison burgers on the grill

I remember writing about a trip to Mexico while serving in the Marines. It was but a short journey of harrowing roads and fearless and seemingly senseless drivers to any given destination to the South. As I think back on a trip to the Las Playas bull arena one day, I still can’t be sure… Read more »

Grilled Tenderloin with Fried Tomato Slices

I am reminiscing on the New Year’s article on breaking down the beef tenderloin and despite the spotty weather I am determined to grill something.  Wiping the pollen off of the grill lid and scraping down the bars, shamefully left soiled since last winter, I prepare my fiery flame thrower for the first session of… Read more »

Broccoli, Asparagus and Kale soup

There an old saying to the effect that the tools don’t make the cook.  And while for the most part I agree with this, it is simply too obvious that the proper tools can make anyone’s job much easier. Nowhere is this truer than in the kitchen.  As I have been rambling about for seven… Read more »

The Power Lunch for The Tough Mudder in You

I’m training for a 12-mile mud run in mid-November in New Jersey, The Tough Mudder. Our team, Team Rickshaw, is raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project.  The run includes mud pits (very cold), icy cold water and mild electrocution, but it’s all in the name of helping those who serve us best but come… Read more »

Fresh Seafood and Vegetables Come to Life in Greek Salad

Intimidation in the kitchen could very well be the primary reason that many people shy away from cooking from scratch. I can’t blame anyone for that. As a culture, we have shied away from what used to be the central nervous system of a home. After many studies from top universities, the prevalent thought is… Read more »

Southern Pride Pit Beef Sandwich and BBQ Sauce

Recently I was breezing through some old ramblings and I ran across a piece I wrote in which I quipped on my first job. In 1983, the Chart House changed my young life. I learned things I probably shouldn’t have at 15, and yet still managed to hone skills I was lucky to have at… Read more »