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Wanna enjoy your meal? Follow your nose

 And now for another edition of Up Close and Personal with Chef Paul. I like to smell my food. I really like to smell my food. Many a time I can remember a coworker looking at me in great wonder as I opened a Snickers bar and gave a whiff before devouring the masterful munchie… Read more »

Salvadorian tamales make Chef Paul salivate

 It was with great suspicion and disquietude that the Salvadoran women agreed to allow me to help them make tamales for Bellehaven’s employee party.  I didn’t think it prudent or appropriate to ask whether this was a tradition bestowed among the traditional housewife, but only assumed it as the women kept laughing at either my… Read more »

No excuse needed to have cake for dinner

 I ate molten chocolate cake with homemade berry marshmallows for dinner. The kids ate leftover pizza. I’m not sure what my wife ate.  After a long weekend at the Country Club, it was a day of taking kids to the doctor and dentist, and what better way to end a visit to the dentist than… Read more »

Tough Guy Baked Brie

I’ve been eating like an animal since Sunday afternoon. My body needs the reparative subsistence as it overcomes our wrecked weekend. No, my self-demise was not a punishment for self-destructive Pub-style drinking.  Well, there were a few beers involved, but stop…you’re throwing me off track. This past weekend I was part of a team that… Read more »

White Chili

I cringe as I sit to write this article. We broke down and bought a slow-cooker, AKA a Crock Pot.  When ours broke a number of years ago, I went back to the more traditional manners of making pot roast, chili and other family favorites on the stovetop and in Dutch ovens. But, as time… Read more »

Honey-Chipotle Shrimp

It is not often that someone calls me to help out with their parties.  Usually I am cooking them myself or traveling to Virginia to work for friends up there, but when a friend recently called me for some aid, I jumped at the chance. With a beautiful menu on hand, I found myself midday… Read more »

Dare to Devil Eggs

Digging through the twisted passageways and deep sepulchers inside my trivial foodie brain, I reminisce on something I have not addressed in years; Deviled Eggs or Eggs Mimosa, Russian Eggs or any other name that may have been applied over the years to these gems. The glorious and ubiquitous finger-food of every gathering under the… Read more »

If You Must Clog Your Arteries Do it in Style

So before I get started, I understand that an apology is in order.  It would seem that upon writing a previous article on pumpkin bread, I omitted an only slightly important ingredient: flour. One of my faithful readers made the pumpkin bread, or more to the point, pudding, and realized after the fact that the… Read more »

Getting ready for fall feasting with toasty dinner rolls

“Good god I ate a lot of food.” Not a moment had elapsed from the muttering of these words that I realized that it’s not even October yet; that we’re just practicing for the Thanksgiving feast and yet the words are there. My stomach is stretched beyond capacity. Having just supped at our in-laws’ house… Read more »

Shrimp so easy even a Baltimorean can do it

There were peanut shells on the floor as we walked in. Everywhere we went in Baltimore in the 90s, well in public houses to be more precise, there were peanuts strewn across the creaky wood. Some, I’m sure, falling into the cracks of the trap doors behind the bars. We were told that they were… Read more »