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Roast leg of farm-raised venison with mirepoix

I must confess that sometimes it would be nice to live a bit closer to the D.C. museums or other parts of the city life that I miss on occasion. Now that the cold season is upon us, I have to get creative on how to keep my brain occupied, dreaming of world-class dining and… Read more »

Coconut Shrimp with Fruity Cocktail Sauce and Quick Slaw

The turkey hath been stuffed and so hath I. It’s time to take to the track again, in defense against the onslaught of grub and grape this past week and in preparation for that which is to come. I can only imagine what is going to happen in the next month.  As I tend to… Read more »

Salmon croquettes with cooked carrots, collards, and kale

The leaves are raked for the first time in three years, the grass has been mowed perhaps a month or so overdue and the chores are done. That doesn’t happen very often around these parts, so I am fairly pleased with myself. On the flip side, I am exhausted, and the last thing that I… Read more »