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I love the smell of muskrat in the morning

“The horror. The horror.” The famous last words from Apocalypse Now repeated themselves in my head for two days; lifeless and soon-to-be headless bodies looking at me with great disdain, ironically with their eyes having already been removed making the entire episode even more reminiscent of a bad Tim Burton movie. The rabbit was fine…. Read more »

Just enough cooks can perfect the Kerfuffle

Kerfuffle – n informal chiefly  ( Brit ) commotion; disorder; agitation Thus was the general mood as the club kicked into full swing this past weekend. All went smoothly, but tempers were flaring just a touch as cooks realized that the season stood the chance of getting tense. Adding to this degree of anticipation was… Read more »

Springtime is time to get those tostones out

For six weeks the Decatur High School Robotics Team, the Beach Bots, built a robot as part of the Chesapeake Regional Robotics competition which culminated in Baltimore two weeks ago. The teams came from as far away as California, and they were part of the First Robotics series which boasts sponsors such as SIAC, BAE… Read more »

Embrace the consomme, do not be afraid

Consommé is beyond the shadow of a doubt the nectar of the soup gods. Unbeknownst to many people and misconstrued by others, consommé is simply a carefully clarified and fortified stock, making it laborious and luxurious, not to mention a bit expensive to craft. The end result is a clear and succulent essence, perhaps dotted… Read more »

There’s nothing wrong with a waffle coma

 I can remember many a night in Baltimore when we would find ourselves celebrating our youth, ending up at Jimmy’s Restaurant in Fell’s Point at 6:00 in the morning to enjoy a big burger and a beer. There was something about a rich meal, and mayhap rich isn’t the word that does it much justice,… Read more »

Paul isn’t Hayden his love of mac ‘n’ cheese

It has been a long week.   Who am I kidding? The week just started today, and I’m already done. It was a long week before it even got here, but fair effort or not, the week will end one way or the other. So, fair effort I shall give. I must admit that I… Read more »

Robots for cooking and robots for playing

 Oh, what a weekend. Under the weather for most of it, I still had to get to the high school for quite a spell to ‘assist’ my son Tyler’s robotics club. Me? Assist a robotics club? I chortle at the idea; I was more of a cheerleader and pizza provider, and while I’m on that,… Read more »

Some assembly required, labor not included

Oh sweet commercials, how I love thee. Advertising at its finest abounds in our society and today is little different from days of yore. What has changed is the sheer volume of goods, as well as the size of the warehouses from which we purchase them; all under the guise of a retail storefront. And… Read more »

Stop shenaniganizing and make that stock!

And so I sit here with Mr. T’s gravelly voice ringing in my head shouting “write that dang article, fool!”  I loved The A-Team when I was a kid; one of the most blatantly sham-action shows of all time, funny only in its ability to bring together such a ragtag group of good guys. Sometimes… Read more »

Giving the bird to the bitterly cold weather

Tonight is a good night to sit down to a steaming bowl of homemade chicken soup.  Our anomalous weather patterns are torturing us with 18 degree mornings followed by rain and wind at night. It makes no sense. Officially at the mid-point of January we have yet to see snow, much to my chagrin but… Read more »