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Fresh Seafood and Vegetables Come to Life in Greek Salad

Intimidation in the kitchen could very well be the primary reason that many people shy away from cooking from scratch. I can’t blame anyone for that. As a culture, we have shied away from what used to be the central nervous system of a home. After many studies from top universities, the prevalent thought is… Read more »

Southern Pride Pit Beef Sandwich and BBQ Sauce

Recently I was breezing through some old ramblings and I ran across a piece I wrote in which I quipped on my first job. In 1983, the Chart House changed my young life. I learned things I probably shouldn’t have at 15, and yet still managed to hone skills I was lucky to have at… Read more »

Grapefruit Salad with Candied Nuts and Ginger-Maple Dressing

At school, we are in the middle of a USDA-sponsored grant which emphasizes the importance of healthy food choices by the up and coming generations.  Hardly a boring task, it is an exciting challenge to be a part of. As many of us already know, our country is in poor health statistically.  I won’t stay… Read more »

Pot roast with roasted potatoes and turnips

One of the greatest challenges we face in our technical program is the short class times.  Following the county schedule, we have to make do with what we have. Recently, we entertained a local chapter of the Red Hat Ladies with my mother as the gracious hostess and it was time to break out one… Read more »

Seared tuna and scallops with a mélange of vegetables

A nice short trip to the mountains always seems to put things back in place for us.  Sometimes I think that I should get a couple of jobs in the summertime so that we can save enough for nice winter vacations.  I imagine that a typical predicament for those of us who live at the… Read more »

Carne Asada with guacamole and salsa roja

My wife and I love a good steak, and when it comes to Filet Mignon, I must admit with a heavy heart that it is difficult to find it done well in restaurants.   As such, we find ourselves (or more to the point, me) breaking down whole tenders at home to ensure that we… Read more »

Salt cod croquettes with tomato sauce

Forgetting that I had asked my amazing wife for books (I am somewhat of a broken record when it comes to wish lists), I once again received volumes of letter with an assortment of texts of culinary lore for Christmas. Also in the stack was a wonderful non-culinary novel, a Pulitzer Prize winner of 1981,… Read more »

Pork belly with corn spoonbread and teriyaki sauce glaze

I had an offal weekend; an awfully offal weekend. Finding myself in Frederick at Mick’s New American Bistro where my nephew is doing his internship for culinary school, the chef gave me course after course of his favorite foods; snout to tail. It started with lamb’s heart tartare, served with a pullet egg yolk and… Read more »

Spicy Chicken Wings with a Touch of Vietnamese Influence

“Cooking is messy, dirty work.  The work involves bare hands, sticky fingers, licks of this and that, whacks on fleshy lumps, hissing lids and miscellaneous smells.  It is also dangerous, the basic tools being either very sharp or very hot.” So wrote Michael Symons, an Australian food historian a dozen years ago when delving into… Read more »