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Yucca balls, a great conversation starter

 Only two more weekends and then I can almost take a deep breath.  The season has wound down and we are now into the nitty gritty details of end-of-season cleaning, closing and planning for next year. With so much going on around us, and with the holidays rapidly approaching (Yes, I said it) it is… Read more »

Eat crab legs to celebrate the start of school

What a week it has been. The good news is, the kids are back in school and summer is almost over (good for those of us in the business). The bad news is … well, it’s what everyone’s been talking about. Scunny was a legend; hell, he is a legend. His is a tale that… Read more »

Salmon so good, people will be quoting the recipe

I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  I recall random movie quotes or lines from books and plays at the strangest of times; almost all of the time.  I guess that makes my life a touch strange. Maybe I see the relevance of such quotation while I regurgitate, always seeming to find such aforementioned quotes… Read more »

Step aside seafood, it’s time for steak night

As the excitement mounts over the White Marlin Open, fishermen and onlookers alike are flocking to 14th Street to watch the weigh-ins along the Reel Inn docks. On the first day of the tournament, only 10 out of 250 (+/- 4 percent for statistical accuracy) boats actually fished on Monday so the event was non-existent…. Read more »

Tempura, seaweed and tuna, oh my

With the White Marlin Open right around the corner, there is one fish on everyone’s mind, and it is not white marlin. No, the spiritus mundi in Ocean City will be tuna. Tuna is the quintessence of the WMO. As many of us remember, smoked marlin was a treat in the early 1980s, but it… Read more »

‘Milk was a bad choice,’ but crustini is not

They say the heat wave is over, but I have to disagree. I haven’t sweated off of my elbows since my days in the Mojave. In the overdramatic words of Ron Burgundy, “It’s so damn hot! Milk was a bad choice.” The rain has come and gone and I am still waiting for a reprieve… Read more »

Tuna prices on rise; try fresh from Atlantic

Tuna, tuna everywhere, nor any a bite to eat Or so goes a poor variation of the fabled ancient mariner as I try to get ready for this week’s rendition of food fears. There is a slight problem with tuna in this day and age. If you haven’t noticed, tuna (steak and loin) is either… Read more »

Summer chicken challenge isn’t Reel hard

 The school year is coming to an end for seniors. Others must stick it out until the buses park for the last time, preparing for their own two month hiatus. The trees are in full force, the flowers are blooming and there is an excitement in the air as people prepare for their dream vacation… Read more »

A meatloaf-less life is a life not worth living

 People are constantly asking me to write about meatloaf. People love meatloaf. They live for it. While I may not be one of those fortunate individuals, I can honestly say that meatloaf hits the spot every now and again. But you know me. It doesn’t serve me or you for me to offer up a… Read more »

Chef Paul combats a barbecue hangover

 My diet this week has not been stellar, or at least from a health standpoint anyway. Tuesday, I noshed on brisket and brownies. On Wednesday it was pit beef and hot milk cake. On Thursday? Pit Turkey and cupcakes. And on Friday, more meat and chocolate cake. It’s a good thing that I at the… Read more »