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Smoked salmon canapes follow basic rules

There is nothing quite like seeing the flash of fear on a child’s face when he realizes that his seat on the water park ride is now at the bow of the craft … heading backwards as he plummets over the falls. It seemed that the more he requested of the lifeguards to be facing… Read more »

'Murka! : No matter how you say it, it’s a good burger

Raised in a country that thrives on patriotism, it is second nature to pronounce the four syllables of our national moniker when singing one of the myriad anthems written to inspire and move us. Mayhap when one is speaking to a board of some sort, or arguing his case in front of the magistrate, “Amer-… Read more »

Simplify dinner, allow for more game time

 So it is now almost midnight. My keyboard is well-warmed as I have already finished tomorrow’s agenda and menus are done for the various parties that I have coming up this holiday. I wish the game could have been a little closer to at least be interesting, but you can’t always get what you want. … Read more »

Eat like a nomad and try some global grub

Wanderlust rocks my very foundation as I awaken. Did I dream about the British Isles? Was I thinking of Provence as I nodded off? Am I really itching to travel to the Germany or the Pacific Rim again? No, it is the after-effect of teaching global cuisine, a fascinating subject that confuses the issue of… Read more »

Yes, you can… roll your sandwich in a pizza

 Sometimes trying to cook for my own children is reminiscent of the opening scene of “Eat Drink Man Woman,” a 1994 Taiwanese film in which a widower lives with his three full-grown daughters. The family ritual calls for an elaborate dinner every Sunday evening, with the father (a highly trained chef) spending countless hours in… Read more »

The elusive kataifi dough now found locally

The only thing more satisfying than teaching people how to cook is doing so with ingredients that are easily and locally procurable, once you know where to look. I have to admit that this is one of the complaints that I get on my column from time to time — I explain a technique or… Read more »

This is the meal that never ends. Yes, it goes on…

Oh, rapturous joy, a sunny and eighty degree day here on the Shore. I imagine it is one of the very last we shall see on our doorstep until May, but I will take it without an ounce of remorse. When the weather is warmer, we tend to think of cooling foods, and now that… Read more »

Renovate dinner with some tricked-out garnishes

 It’s time to go over my article checklist: Lie to faithful reader about writing an article on bratwurst. Check. Supplant with sarcastic checklist to open my magnum opus. Check. Finish submitting grades for the early semester. Check. Install French patio door with no formal carpentry training. Check. Actually have aforementioned door open and close with… Read more »

Deter shellfish-loving vampires, with this dish

King Ken recently reproached me at the hardware store for not writing enough about German food. I immediately started thinking about German food and then thought to myself, “Ken, I’m not going to do it.” True, he remains the unchallenged champion of the fruitcake championship, but today is not a good day for me to… Read more »

Eat like a caveman, even when out of dinosaur

“Munga, munga. Gingu.” Or so the caveman would have said thousands of years ago as he foraged and hunted his way to a presumably healthy table and I imagine that by “table” I mean rock. Yes, I am referring to the Paleo Diet, a newly popularized food fashion in a very long line of dietary… Read more »