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Fondly remembering (cobb) salad days

Sometimes you find yourself in an airport that is about as organized as an old episode of Keystone Cops. I’ve had my share of disorganization, especially after that fateful day that ushered in the mighty TSA. Finished with our convention this weekend, it was time to say goodbye to the torrential downpours of Orlando and… Read more »

For chef, Catholic school was icing on cake

It’s hard to believe that we have our first Sweet 16 party this year. Oh, how the years fly by – that outplayed, ubiquitous saying that everyone over the age of 40 must proclaim. At least when I think of my daughter, and in fact all of our kids, I can’t help but to be… Read more »

When forced to cook, Reuben never fails

It is often said that a chef’s favorite food is anything that he doesn’t have to cook himself. I have personally subscribed to that tenet for years and it was no different as I went to meet a friend of mine last week for lunch at Sneaky Pete’s last week; the dock bar at Hooper’s… Read more »

Fresh chips and salsa go great with summer

Reprinted from Bayside Gazette July 17, 2014 As voices echo through our little street, a feeling of summer, fun and family runs through me like an electric current. It’s a wonderful thing as a parent to have a flash of memory back to the days of my own childhood; a prevailing feeling of worth as… Read more »

Strawberry shortcake ‘refreshing’ in summer

Reprinted from July 10, 2014 issue. Every now and then, the near-100 degree temperatures merit a little outside-time.  I don’t mind sweating a little since it means that I have a good deal of the season left; we get a little reprieve from the minus-10 degrees that graced our shores a mere few months ago. … Read more »

When things get squirrelly, go with Coke

As I sit here eating my mild carnitas tacos, I reminisce of a day not too long ago. It was Christmas 2014. The air was crisp, and I was outside sitting on the front porch enjoying my spoils of war. The dog was prancing around the yard in an effort to find a suitable toilet… Read more »

Little effort goes long way in pickling

It’s nice to see that most stores are carrying pickling cucumbers in the produce section. That part of the culinary world has picked up nicely.  Every site and book out there would be remiss if they were to leave out this old and venerable practice.  I teach pickling at school and it is an important… Read more »

Chicken tender sandwich with chorizo

As the season wears on, I sit on my back deck reminiscing the awful winter that we just experienced. It’s hard for me to get too upset about the heat for that reason and also I guess because I have spent so many years in professional kitchens, hot and sticky have been the order of… Read more »

Black garlic spread goes great with lox

What a whirlwind the past two weeks have been. It’s nice to be back behind the wheel again, not managing anyone or anything and just cooking; well, shucking is more like it. And deciding that I didn’t have enough to do, I accepted an invitation to work with some good friends of mine, chefs up… Read more »

Bacon-deviled eggs ‘mystically wonderful’

 It is nice sometimes to take a step backwards and reacquaint oneself with skillsets that seem to have eluded us. Truth be told, chefs work hard, but as has been noted by aging chefs such as Anthony Bourdain, you just get to the point where the body doesn’t recover like it used to. Even so,… Read more »