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It’s ‘Wayne’s World;’ we’re just living in it

I always find it fascinating how some things never change in our ever-evolving world. Our tastes seem to come and go, whether it be for a certain food or movie or musical genre. Many of our likes and wants are refined while others seem to regress backwards as we age, and if anyone could please… Read more »

Battered, pork-stuffed Sichuan eggplant

 Now that we’re in full swing of the semester, it’s time to get our serious nosh on. And while the food in of itself is great, there is nothing better than standing back to watch our students receive accolades for the various foods that they are preparing and sharing with others. There is no truer… Read more »

The Clash, Minor Threat, and smoked fish

There was something very special and exciting about growing up in the mid-80s in Annapolis. I played piano as a kid, and studied at Peabody Prep for a few years, but once I realized that I was never destined to play Carnegie Hall (I hated all of those Czerny exercises and the hours of concentration… Read more »

Bacon jam, horsey sauce play well together

One and only one snowfall has occurred, and it was a blasted blizzard!   What in the world is going on around here? To top it off, my family and I had to make a trip from here to DC on Saturday during the storm. Needless to say, it was a hair-raising ride.   I… Read more »

Turn those holiday leftovers into potpie

So Christmas is over, and now it’s time to prepare for New Year’s Eve. When I say that, all I mean is that I have to buy a pork loin. That’s about the extent of our festivities these days, as we’re more concerned with socializing with family than actual ball drops and huge crowds. Besides,… Read more »

Grilled cheese speaks to your inner child

Grilled cheese sandwiches: What are they? What makes them so very comforting, yet so maniacally easy that a kindergartener can produce them flawlessly? I know, because I would be in the middle of making these or fried eggs after walking home from the bus stop before my mother could make her way to the kitchen… Read more »

Share tradition with Christmas ‘spritz’

How many of us remember the smells that wafted through the houses of family and friends during the holiday season? For me, I’m talking the early ’70s. For some of you, it may very well be the Dark Ages, but I won’t pick on you. I will never forget the cookies fresh from the oven… Read more »

‘Dad, this tree won't fit in our back yard’

My father loved Christmas. There were times that we were grumpy (I guess I came by that naturally), but Christmastime was the one part of the year when dad would light up and look forward to staying home and putting up the big tree. We lived outside of Annapolis, and I guess you could say… Read more »

Liquid smoke key to perfect Kalua pork

Today is a day to be reckoned with. Yes, it’s what I call a “Hawaii Day,” a day on which I weigh the pros and cons in my head of getting a permit at $3 per day to camp on the north coast of Kauai for a few months. With just a little money in… Read more »

Breakfast? In my house, we call it dinner

This column originally ran in the Oct. 2, 2014 edition of the Bayside Gazette. In the hallowed halls of any culinary museum, you will find references to James Beard and Julia Child, their contributions to the world of food so far remaining unsurpassed. Are there chefs who are better than they were? Possibly, yes. But… Read more »