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Bringing Order to Kiddie Chaos

WEST OCEAN CITY — The secret to doing well in many thrift and consignment shops is persistence. In order to find the treasure you are looking for, it is best to set aside enough time to find things that appeal to you that are in the size and condition you seek. There is nothing more… Read more »

Vantage Point Solutions

SALISBURY — As small businesses rely more heavily on Internet opportunities and networked computers, owners and managers face the growing difficulty of getting everything to work without using outside help. Many offices have made a tech-savvy employee the computer person. At first blush, the decision makes sense.  As important as computers are to a business’s… Read more »

More than pies at Four Seasons Pizza

WEST OCEAN CITY — One of the difficulties many restaurants encounter after their grand opening is that running a restaurant is hard and it stays that way for quite some time. The business is demanding on both the staff and the owner, requiring long hours, dedication and tight controls.  Would-be restaurateurs who don’t have the… Read more »

Pines Point Provisions and Seafood

OCEAN PINES — Like so many successful businesses, Pines Point Provisions was conceived out of the experience of genuine need. George and Anna Vitak, along with their son, Michael, have been avid boaters for some time. Just as they understand the pleasures of fishing or just spending the day on the water, they understand the… Read more »

Friends, family and finance

BERLIN — The most striking aspect upon entering Creative Wealth Management’s offices in the Pavilions of Ocean Pines is that the waiting room doesn’t seem designed for the long haul. It isn’t a place to get comfortable with a magazine because of the understanding that visitors are more guests than clients. You don’t go into… Read more »

Small business is blooming

VIENNA — The story of the economic recovery is bound to be a local one. As buying local is moving from quasi-fad to wise economic choice, small businesses all over the peninsula are rethinking the way they do business. Or rather, not so much the way but the attitude with which they proceed. Small businesses,… Read more »

Still smokin'

WEST OCEAN CITY — As it turned out, Carl Glenn didn’t have to have Denise Venable killed, which was probably best for all involved. Glenn had developed the recipe that had made Smoker’s BBQ Pit famous and, like most experienced cooks with their own way of doing things, sometimes joked about having to kill anyone… Read more »

OC Extreme Ziplines

OCEAN CITY — In a town where there are plenty of opportunities for thrill-ride entertainment, a business has to be willing to rethink everything they know about adventure rides in order to remain at the forefront of the experience-ride pack.  Which is why it’s no surprise that the folks at Jolly Roger Amusements have added… Read more »

A Look Inside jj Fish

BERLIN — When John and Judy Fisher opened j.j. Fish Studio and Fine Craft Gallery 10 years ago, it was much more studio and fine craft gallery. In fact, initially the plan was to use the space as a way to show both John’s and Judy’s work while allowing them a place to produce for… Read more »