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Cannery Village approval was correct decision

We think The Berlin Planning Commission’s approval of the 44-unit Cannery Village housing development to be a good decision.
For those who don’t know, this project is different for Berlin. It’s a rental community where each unit will be made available for the tenant to purchase after 15 years of occupancy.
Andrew Hanson, vice president of Osprey told a commission meeting that it would work to make each home distinctive and “to have their own unique character and personality.”
Of course there were concerns among some audience members, perhaps the top being that the planned community of “affordable” housing would somehow turn into low-income Section 8 units. Then following the domino impact, people worried that affordable and/or low cost housing lowers the property values for those adjacent neighborhoods.
Those assembled were assured that this wasn’t the intent behind Cannery Village. The purpose of this community is to give occupants an opportunity to own a home one day.
If the town is going to be the “coolest” small town in America, it has to own up to that title. It’s more than just having a party and adding a slogan to any sign connected to Berlin. Cannery Village is a “cool” concept, and it should be accepted, as one of the many reasons Berlin is a thriving, innovative community. Give Cannery Village a chance.
We are happy with the commission’s unanimous preliminary approval of the site plan, and we hope that after the forestation and buffer plans are examined, that the project can move forward.
So while we’re writing in this space, we want to wish our readers a Happy Easter, Happy Passover or if those two holidays don’t apply, may we all enjoy a happy (snowless) spring.